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you tell yourself a lot of stories,
that is if you are like me.
i am a storyteller.
and as charming and seductive as that might sound,
it is also very dangerous
because sometimes i tell the stories so often i believe them.

i was just working with a company today
and as we were talking they were telling me
about a certain situation
and the way they were talking about it,
made it seem like a foregone conclusion
and i found myself thinking
wow, this must be so hard for them
to operate under these sets of circumstances.

and then suddenly, the thought came to me
what if, as true as the story seemed to be
it wasn’t really true at all.

they had already been working with me a little bit
on my perspective program
and we paused for a moment and thought
what would happen if we raised our frequency
and changed our perspective.
what would that do to the story we had all bought into.

what if that story was true
but only from one perspective
and from all the other perspectives, it wasn’t true.
what would that do
to the way they were choosing to live
in the situation they were in.

what stories are you telling yourself
that as true as they are
with a change of perspective
no longer would be true?

i invite you to consider this
and see how your life might change.

as always, enjoy . . . .


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and one of the closing points that the speaker,
Chuck Sambuchino, from Writer’s Digest made
was this simple and almost so obvious statement
that it has stopped being obvious

because what happens in writing
is we write something and it is good
but we know it is not where we want it to be
so we edit it, and edit it, and then rewrite it and edit it again
we get tired and fed up and bored
and even though we know it is not our best
we just send it off anyway

it made me think
how would my life
if i held the same principle
to everything i do?

how would your life look? let me know.


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and yet underneath all these things
i am,
what i have always been
freedom is my birthright
freedom is who i am.

through the work that i do
and the ELI assessment (from ipec coaching) that i offer
it is very clear to me
how stress changes everything.
not just in me, but in all of us.

in our workplace, in our interactions, in our personal lives
stress changes our ability to show up fully.
i see that so clearly in my life.
what i am capable of doing in my day to day normal life
is so much greater than how play when i am stressed.

at first i thought i was unique
until i started doing this assessment on the people i work with
and i saw, we are all the same.

releasing those triggers that cause us stress
changes the game.
sometimes they are easy to find
other times they are hidden.
i know it is hard to find them on my own
and it is this knowing
that makes me realize how powerful
it is to have a great coach.

knowing how to go underneath
those things that cause us to play protect ourselves
put up walls
and play small
is the difference between a business or a person
that thrives and one that simply plays the game.

it feels good to feel free again
free of stress
free of self judgement
free of needing to please others.

as the bike rider in this picture
my road still has a long way to take me
but i now celebrate
these moments of freedom
and shout out
to the citizens of my mind

repeat after me

can you feel it?


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if you choose to be happy
no one or no thing
can ever take
that happiness from you.

This is the essence,
the core belief of my inside out approach to everything:
business, branding, story, culture, personal development, love.
it has come from years and years of training
and still many times
i look outside trying to find what i want out there.
why do i disregard who i am away so easily?

and yet, we all do it, don’t we.

when we are not sure of WHO we are
we look for validation everywhere
but the one place that can give it to us.
i know the feeling i get
when i meet someone who has this sense of inner knowing.
it is so powerful.
i see the way they function in business
in relationship, and in relationship to their own self.
these people are not lost
looking for what others do or say
to find what they should do or say.
they know WHO they are
they walk into a room
and that knowing commands presence.

and yet, they never force who they are on another,
people just feel it and know.
and if others don’t feel it
or think they can do what they need
these people do not spend time trying to convince them
because they know
all of us will get to where we are going
sooner or later
and everyone, every business
has to make the decision for themselves.

so often, i see businesses and/or individuals
floundering because inside they are not strong
i know i can help
not by telling them what to do
but by connecting them to themselves,
quieting the noise around them,
and letting them feel and hear their answers come.

ANSWERS like HAPPINESS come from within
when we choose to go within
no one or not thing can take
the power of our inner knowing away from us.

but when we stay on the periphery
we are shaken by everything.

i want to live from my center,
more than that, i choose it
i choose to love my wife and my children from that place
to do business from there
and to help others feel the peace
that comes from going within
i want to help other make that choice.

where do you want to live?


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know this . . . .
when it all comes down to it,
all of us want the same thing


and most of us will do what ever it takes to make that happen
we look relentlessly for our soul mate
we try so hard to be accepted by the right group go people.  we want so badly for people to like us.
we look for what we want all around us
hoping that in being part of the group, that guy/girl will want us
and slowly
ever so slowly,
we start to lose ourselves
in our desire to please others
so that we can feel loved and accepted.

what if we had it all wrong
what if, no matter what we did or did not do,
we were loved already
what if we are looking in all the wrong places
to find the one thing we already have.

we are in an epidemic experience
of loss of self love.
we love ourselves
at least that is what we tell others,
but because we really don’t,
we think that if we can get others to love us
we will feel comforted
only to find that when they do
we feel like an imposter
and build our walls even higher
thinking that if they ever really see who we am
they will see the same unworthy of love person we see
when we look in the mirror.
and so we get further and further away
from being ourselves
and the walls that we put up no longer allow us
the connection with others and so we feel isolated and alone.
unlovable, isolated and alone
if that doesn’t lead to addiction or self loathing
or just plain being too hard on ourselves
what does.

it is time for this to end
with the three simple words written above.
i want you to join me
in saying them over and over and over and over again to yourself.
you are loved.
tell it to the child inside you
that has waited all this time to hear it
and have the child say it back to you.
celebrate it, glorify it, live it, breathe it.

now how does your day look?
let me know.

Be You-nique

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Be You-nique.
so many of us try so hard to fit in
we sacrifice who we are and what we think
to become a part of a group or a way of thinking.
it is so understandable
because so many of us feel alone
and we want connection.
why wouldn’t we try to fit in?
but every once in a while
we find a person
who has the strength to believe in what they know is true.
whether they fit in or not
they still believe in what they know is right.
they stand out.
these people are the ones who are outstanding.
i have had the honor
to meet many of these people
and to learn from them.
in every single case
they never asked me to become like them
but rather,
they taught me how to be myself.
do you have the courage to stand out.
to be outstanding.
if so, join me
and let’s be ourselves.
whose in?


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the analogies of this event to my life did not go unnoticed.
the sun lights up the moon
but last night, the earth passed between the sun and the moon
blocking the moon from receiving it’s light

source light me up
yet, at times, many times,
i block that light from shining.
all my stories,
all those thoughts of not being good enough
all the beliefs that life has to be hard
that i have to punish myself for the things i did wrong
that i have to work hard to make things work.

what if all those stories were just stories
does the moon work hard to receive light from the sun?
or is it just what happens effortlessly?

there is a natural flow to the way of the world
and nature does not seem to fret or worry.
it follows the course easily and effortlessly

last night the earth came between the sun and the moon
and it gave me a chance to understand
when i block my light from shining
it is ok
it is just a part of the flow of my evolution.

how would my life look without self judgement?
perhaps the light in me would be more illuminated????

how about you? what do you feel?


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i am sorry,
i normally write from my own place of vulnerability
and maybe as i write this, that will come
so trusting the “little man in my head”, my intuitive voice
i start writing.
i have spoken to so many people recently
i don’t mean 10’s i mean 100’s
and in the course of the conversations
in most cases, maybe all,
what i find over and over and over again is this simple thought
people are scared
scared to come out, scared to take a risk,
scared to invest because they don’t believe the money will come
scared someone will see them,
scared they won’t be seen,
scared they will be perceived less than
scared they are not good enough.
so we put up a wall to protect ourselves.
and that is completely understandable
seems like a smart idea
until . . . .
we realize
the wall that protects us
from seeing all of the possibilities that exist.
we build the wall because we have been hurt
and we are scared of getting hurt again.
so understandable
until we realize we are now being guided by fear, not love
that is what fear does
it debilitates us and makes simple choices, impossible
the classic deer in the headlights
all the deer has to do is keep walking
but it freezes in the road when it sees those lights
and BAM
we all know what we need to do, we just are too scared to do it.
for god’s sake, our walls are so high,
we don’t even know what we are scared of,
because we can’t see what is on the other side.
i see now, i am taking my walls down.
don’t misunderstand me,
i am still protecting myself too
but i now know why i am here.
my gift is that i create a space
where people trust.
from that place of trust,
they start to take down their wall.
often that is all that is needed
once the wall comes down,
they see all the possibilities that exist
they find what they want to do
and do it.
it is that easy, most of the time.
when it is not that easy,
i help them remove the garbage that they keep stumbling over
that keeps them from being able to move forward.
this is what i do.
this is how
i help you get what you want.
companies, corporations, individuals, executives, entrepreneurs.
we are very different
and yet in this way we are all very much the same.
when you really want to stop
doing what you do over and over and over again
and find a way to get what you want,
contact me or someone else you trust
let’s do some work together.
now is the time for your wall to come down
now is the time for youth get what you want.


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in honor of yom kippur,
i ask your forgiveness…..
if i have hurt you knowingly or unknowingly,
if i have done anything you have felt lacked integrity,
if i have been less than loving and compassionate,
if i have treated you in any way but with the utmost love and respect
if i have not lived up to who you think i am
if my words, writings, conversations have been anything but respectful
please know, it is merely my inability
to be able to be vulnerable and free enough
to tell you how much i love you.
on this day of at-one-ment
i ask your forgiveness
and offer mine to you unconditionally.

in honor of the fall equinox
on this day where light and dark
share the same number of hours, minutes, seconds
i bow to the light and the darkness
that exists in me.

and a part of me knows
underneath all of this
i am neither the light nor the dark
but rather that which sees
both light and dark
and smiles.

if you feel the power of this day
no matter what religion, nationality, or belief
take time the celebrate the wholeness of creation
and enjoy the celebration
for who knows how many more celebrations we will have
as the book of life closes tonight
with the names of those who will go forward.

with the power of this day
i ask a blessing for all who read this
for the write of this message
and for the one who watches what is written.


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beyond right or wrong
good or bad
blessed or broken

a place beyond
who did what to whom
hurt feelings
of not living up to another’s expectations.
beyond even love
beyond all that we think we know
and all that we do know.

there is a field out there
where answers come effortlessly
fears dissipate
a place so big that playing small is not even possible
where business flourishes
where love is unrecognizable
where union with all of creation is all that is.

why meet here
where frustrations and pain wait around every corner
rationalizing all of our behaviors and jealousy’s
why sit here
amidst this suffering
of misunderstanding
inadequate words
armored and protected
feeling unsafe trying to be safe.

i will meet you there
in the field beyond
all that is right and wrong,
and we will laugh and play and celebrate and dance
and laugh more
and have fun
and just love being free.

i will you meet you there.
will you join me?