Be You-nique.
so many of us try so hard to fit in
we sacrifice who we are and what we think
to become a part of a group or a way of thinking.
it is so understandable
because so many of us feel alone
and we want connection.
why wouldn’t we try to fit in?
but every once in a while
we find a person
who has the strength to believe in what they know is true.
whether they fit in or not
they still believe in what they know is right.
they stand out.
these people are the ones who are outstanding.
i have had the honor
to meet many of these people
and to learn from them.
in every single case
they never asked me to become like them
but rather,
they taught me how to be myself.
do you have the courage to stand out.
to be outstanding.
if so, join me
and let’s be ourselves.
whose in?