beyond right or wrong
good or bad
blessed or broken

a place beyond
who did what to whom
hurt feelings
of not living up to another’s expectations.
beyond even love
beyond all that we think we know
and all that we do know.

there is a field out there
where answers come effortlessly
fears dissipate
a place so big that playing small is not even possible
where business flourishes
where love is unrecognizable
where union with all of creation is all that is.

why meet here
where frustrations and pain wait around every corner
rationalizing all of our behaviors and jealousy’s
why sit here
amidst this suffering
of misunderstanding
inadequate words
armored and protected
feeling unsafe trying to be safe.

i will meet you there
in the field beyond
all that is right and wrong,
and we will laugh and play and celebrate and dance
and laugh more
and have fun
and just love being free.

i will you meet you there.
will you join me?