you tell yourself a lot of stories,
that is if you are like me.
i am a storyteller.
and as charming and seductive as that might sound,
it is also very dangerous
because sometimes i tell the stories so often i believe them.

i was just working with a company today
and as we were talking they were telling me
about a certain situation
and the way they were talking about it,
made it seem like a foregone conclusion
and i found myself thinking
wow, this must be so hard for them
to operate under these sets of circumstances.

and then suddenly, the thought came to me
what if, as true as the story seemed to be
it wasn’t really true at all.

they had already been working with me a little bit
on my perspective program
and we paused for a moment and thought
what would happen if we raised our frequency
and changed our perspective.
what would that do to the story we had all bought into.

what if that story was true
but only from one perspective
and from all the other perspectives, it wasn’t true.
what would that do
to the way they were choosing to live
in the situation they were in.

what stories are you telling yourself
that as true as they are
with a change of perspective
no longer would be true?

i invite you to consider this
and see how your life might change.

as always, enjoy . . . .