last night, as i sat in the silence
i asked The Mosaic
what is one thing you would like me to share about you.
it replied, “be”
when i asked. “be what?”
it erupted
words poured out faster than i could write
and even now as i write this post
more words flow,
“be fun
be present
be come
be now . . .”
and so many more.
after almost 5 years
from the moment i first sat to write this book to now
The Mosaic continues to open up parts of me
that have been closed for a very long time.
The Mosaic is way more than a book
and yet the experience all starts
with reading or listening to this simple little story.
what does The Mosaic want to say to you?
to purchase The Mosaic in book, kindle or audio:
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i can’t wait to hear how you experience it
how a $12 investment initiates change in your life.
this is what Tara from the UK wrote:
“This beautifully written book left me literally speechless!
As I went on an emotional journey
with the characters that I have never experienced before ever,
with any other book.
I rarely write reviews,
but the connection with this book, will stay with me forever more.
This is a life changing book for me
and I cannot explain how it just connects with you,
and you will see life in such a different way.
A positive, compassionate and rewarding way,
that you know is right
and the journey through the book will speak to you.
This is a must read and I can not recommend it highly enough!!”