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i meet people all the time
who tell me
how badly they want
a job, a relationship.
to know their purpose.

i talk with companies
that want better engagement of their employees
or better results from their marketing
or more dialogue with their (sometimes less than raving) fans

i see it in myself
the gap between
what i say i want
and what i am willing to do
not just once
but over and over and over again
until i get the result i want.

sustainable actions bring results.

i love the simplicity of Rumi
“keep knocking and eventually the joy inside you
will open the window to see who the hell is there.”

are you willing
to keep doing what you know is right
as a wise man once said,
“when you want what you want
like a drunk wants a drink
like a drowning man wants air
or like the lover wants their beloved….
then you will find it.”

is that the way you want what you want?
if so,
celebrate, because victory is near.


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and i get caught in the day to day of life
and think that i am all these other things
but underneath all of the things i do,
all of the things i write
all of the i’s i say
i am not any of that.

who am i? who are you?
who is the observer watching it all play out?

last night we went to a movie
and the projector shined a light
onto white screen
and images appeared
and we got sucked right into the story.
we feel in love as they feel in love
we felt bad for one guy,
shocked that another would do what he did
sad for the woman who gave up the one who loved her
for the fantasy she wanted
and none of it was real.
it was just light shining on a white screen.

how real is the life i am living
the one that makes me scared to show up,
or that aggravates me or frustrated me,
that one in which i think i am not good enough
or strong enough and capable of overcoming
what so many other “movies” have not been able to overcome.

this is my story
i get to create it
and i can make it just the way i want it to be.
because i am way more than who i think i am.


who are you?
what are your thoughts?


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i feel disconnected
from the very thing that keeps me whole.

fasting, meditation, healing, 
coaching, working, writing
cleansing, detoxing, changing,
kids schedules, kids needs, our schedules, our needs
what is most important, what i value most
is getting lost
in the busyness of life.

and i understand how this happens
it just sneaks up,
a little at a time
a 2mm change that over time becomes a gap.
the gap left unattended grows.

it has grown too far now
seeing patterns re-emerge.
walking through them
this time on the way out, not the way in.
being aware, it will change
i must go deeper, be more vulnerable,
give more, connect at a deeper place.

we cannot each do our thing,
because it is no longer “OUR” thing.

in this moment, i connect
to myself, my wife, my children, my life
and so it all begins.

does anyone understand what i am saying?


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and yet
do you sometimes feel
that you are unable to bring it forward.
do you find yourself
playing smaller than you want,
for some reason, you are not living the greatness that is you.
do you feel there is so much more you want to do with your life.
is good enough no longer good enough.

i have been helping people and companies
for the last 42 years
find their center
tell their story in a way that is unique
build their company culture around these values
and become more real and vulnerable.
to see more about me, lease go to:

i have decided to take on 2 more clients
PM if you are ready to really step up.
i do not take the commitment i make to you lightly.
i ask the same of you.

if you are the one i feel i am writing this to
contact me.
together we will experience
the power of vulnerability

blessings . . . .


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and some may even call me a JewBu (a jewish buddhist)
but it is only because of those who went before me
those who suffered, and were tortured, and gassed and killed
those who had to wear this patch 
and be shamed by those who did not understand who they were
that i still have the right to decide to choose.

on this, the beginning of the jewish new year,
i ask
that we end each in our own hearts
end racism,
end hatred,
end supremacy of any kind.

it is not because of the color of our skin
or where we were born
or what religion we follow
or who we love and want to marry
that we are better or worse than another.

we are all the same.
may we dance together in this new year
as brothers and sisters
who lift each other up
rather than put each other down.
in our businesses,
in our politics,
in our families,
in our schools
in our places of worship.
may we end this darkness
and light a candle to show our love for one another.

blessings and happy new year!
if you agree, light a candle in the comments below!


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cannot be an orange
and an orange
cannot be an apple.
each must be true to itself.
an apple is an apple.
an orange is an orange.
this is clear.

but is it really?

all to often
over way too many years,
i have found
that i try to be
something other than myself.

what is inside me is who i am
and though i try from time to time
to be something other than what i am
this is the cause of my suffering.
inauthenticity to my self.

and more than that,
on the other side,
when i expect myself to be something i am not
it causes me pain.

when i get squeezed by life
expecting apple juice
and orange juice comes out
i judge myself for not being what i thought i was.

i am what i am.
no amount of wishing or wanting changes that simple fact.
why not just be me?
what an easy way to live life
and yet i choose this way
only some of the time.

it has taken courage to find myself
to stand vulnerable, open, unprotected.
it has moments of real pain
because i get hurt more easily.
that is why i cover up so often
and live inauthentically.

yet, i have no choice but to be vulnerable.
i watch as others assume
my vulnerability is weakness
make no mistake about it

my vulnerability is powerful. it is my strength.

when i no longer hide the orange inside
by trying to be an apple
what becomes possible?

how does the story i tell change?
what culture does my business create?
who do i attract to work with me? clients? employees?
how do i show up in my marriage? with my children.

when i no longer need to hide who i am,
what does that do to my self care?
my self love?
the magnetism i am able to generate?
the clarity of my message?

my authenticity is one of my core values.
is it ne of yours too?

does this make sense?
if so,
are you living an authentic life
if not, PM me,
it is time for us to work together
to tell your authentic story
to create your brand
to build your culture
to have an amazing relationship.

it’s time.
who’s ready to step up?


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this is a question i am asking myself more and more and more.
(no, i am not doing drugs)

but i am looking clearly at my life
and what i see is a deeper realization of what i saw before.

what if, nothing is as it seemed.
what if in any situation,
the way i look at it
and the level of energy i bring to it
is what i see
not what is really there?

could it be possible
that there is no absolute reality
but rather only the meaning i give to that reality?
that changes everything
because what is, is only how i choose to see it.

think about it.
in every situation in life
there are barriers.
in our businesses, our relationships
our very sense of self.
there are limitations
some are real (at least for now)
but others just come from fear
and the feeling i have that i can’t do that
but some of these i will break through.

i see it all around me
barriers are broken,
a man goes to the moon,
another breaks the 4 minute mile
and soon, another will cure cancer
what is now, will not always be

but even on a more individual level
my barriers are being broken too.

do you see it too?
in business, in relationships, in self care, in going to the next level
limiting beliefs that keep me small,
assumptions about what would happen if . . . . . .
suddenly appear to hold less power.

a glimpse
a minute
i raise my vibration
and enter a new level of energy
what was so real before, no longer is.

so many contributors:
mas sajady healing
planetary shifts
ipec seven level of energy
tony robbins changing my state
yogananda, buddha,
great masters of the great religions
i feel them helping me.
transforming moments
raise my vibration
blast through barriers once unsurmountable
now manageable.

walls come down
brings some devastation,
but a new freedom emerges.

can you feel it?

things are not the way they seem.
does that make sense?


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in the midst of all noise
i say your name
over and over and over and over and over
again and again and again and again and again . . . .
i know you hear me
screaming quiet whispers
above all other sounds.

hear me
soothe sorrows
lessen pain
relieve worry
end suffering.

around the business table
the dinner table
the changing table
the table that is my altar
so many voices pray
why do so few seem to be heard.

i know you hear me
and yet i do not pray so that you will hear me
you know.
i pray that i might hear my own prayer
and in it’s frequency
be uplifted.

my words are only words
and the sweetest words can do good
they can change the course of a business
or the feeling in a room
or melt misunderstandings that were once real….

ahhhhhhh . . .
but prayer changes the one who changes
and in the end
my prayer is not to change others
but to change me.


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surrender. let. go. release.
in the quiet of my meditation.
in the stillness of the early hours,
in the emptiness of having a good enough life.
i hear the same message over and over again.
surrender. let go. release.

i am carrying so much
that is no longer mine to carry.
i have gotten so used to holding it
that i have forgotten how to let go.

i am scared
and so even though i live life at a high level
for me, i know i am settling for good enough.
there is greatness here
underneath all this fear
that keeps me playing only good enough

it is time to let go of my need to control
and yet i am not even sure i know how.

open the grip i hold on life,
on my business,
on my love,
on my beliefs
on what i think i can and cannot do
on the need to continually punish myself with pain
and lack.

open my heart
my mind
my soul
to receive
that which is so much greater than i.

it is inside me
and yet i make pretend it is distant.
it is closer than the closest reality
it is not something foreign. it is the most familiar.
that which comes
when i let go
is me.

please tell me you know what i am saying . . . .
do you?


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More and more what I am finding
is this very simple truth,
that i have heard over and over again,
but only now am i understanding it.

We just don’t see it.
We have gotten so used to seeing it,
that we don’t see it anymore.
Have you ever had this happen to you?

We think we see
but we are really blind.
We do not take chances in our businesses
because when we did in the past, it didn’t work.
We do not take risks by having real conversations with our families,
because in the past we couldn’t get through to them.

We live life safely;
never taking risks,
because if what we try doesn’t work,
we do not think we can stand the pain.

If it does work,
everything changes.
Our business becomes innovative.
Our relationships become intimate.
And the life we live has meaning.

Please share with me your experiences.
Share with me the miracles you have seen happen right in front of you.