if you choose to be happy
no one or no thing
can ever take
that happiness from you.

This is the essence,
the core belief of my inside out approach to everything:
business, branding, story, culture, personal development, love.
it has come from years and years of training
and still many times
i look outside trying to find what i want out there.
why do i disregard who i am away so easily?

and yet, we all do it, don’t we.

when we are not sure of WHO we are
we look for validation everywhere
but the one place that can give it to us.
i know the feeling i get
when i meet someone who has this sense of inner knowing.
it is so powerful.
i see the way they function in business
in relationship, and in relationship to their own self.
these people are not lost
looking for what others do or say
to find what they should do or say.
they know WHO they are
they walk into a room
and that knowing commands presence.

and yet, they never force who they are on another,
people just feel it and know.
and if others don’t feel it
or think they can do what they need
these people do not spend time trying to convince them
because they know
all of us will get to where we are going
sooner or later
and everyone, every business
has to make the decision for themselves.

so often, i see businesses and/or individuals
floundering because inside they are not strong
i know i can help
not by telling them what to do
but by connecting them to themselves,
quieting the noise around them,
and letting them feel and hear their answers come.

ANSWERS like HAPPINESS come from within
when we choose to go within
no one or not thing can take
the power of our inner knowing away from us.

but when we stay on the periphery
we are shaken by everything.

i want to live from my center,
more than that, i choose it
i choose to love my wife and my children from that place
to do business from there
and to help others feel the peace
that comes from going within
i want to help other make that choice.

where do you want to live?