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Danny is a one of a kind visionary who will bring you and your company to a whole new level.”

Reid Tracy, CEO Hay House

An Innovation Story

I was hired to lead an innovation day for a Fortune 50 company.
The moment I stepped out of the elevator, I could feel the opulence.
The receptionist asked if she could help direct me somewhere
I told her who I was and she said, “We’re expecting you. I will take you now to the boardroom.”
I asked, “Would you be kind enough to just direct me there. I want to surprise them.”
i could feel her excitement and she was 100% behind me
She showed me where to go and let me approach the room alone.

As i stood in front of the room, someone asked, “Can we help you with something?”
I simply replied, “I am fine, thank you.”
I should mention here that I was, just nice jeans and a t-shirt.
They persisted, asking me, “What are you doing here? Are you here to pick up the trash? If so, it is over in the back corner.”
I smiled and responded,
“Really, it looks to me that the way you initially perceive the world is trashing up your progress.
My name is Danny and you have hired me to lead you through an innovation day.
How do you think you are doing so far?”

We spent the day talking together about one simple concept
“When you change the way you see the world, the world you see changes.”
They got it and wrote me after our time together saying,
“Thank you so much. You exude innovation.
This was the best experience we ever had with a facilitator.
You have helped all seeing differently.”

I help you find ways to look at what you have always seen and see it differently,
When you change the way you see the world, the world you see changes
and innovation flows naturally.

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I AM Daniel Bruce Levin.

I walked away from an opportunity to run a billion dollar business to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. I studied in a seminary and left one day before becoming ordained. I spent 10 years meditating as a Monk in a monastary and left to get married.  I led the growth of Hay House from 3million a year in sales to 100million a year in revenue and then left to start a clothing company.

People thought I was crazy and maybe I was, but I know the courage it takes to listen to your inner voice. To walk away from what others think is right for your company to do, to create a company that is aligned and connected to not only bringing you financial success but also inner peace and happiness to your team.

I have done it. I have helped others do it.   And I want to help you do it in your company too! Contact me.

“Danny has opened the door for us to become a culture of caring individuals to each other and ultimately the guest we serve. We would be hard pressed to find another individual who has Danny’s passion and intuitive nature. We are truly very fortunate to have discovered him.”

Michael Stephens – General Manager – Andaz Maui at Wailea

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“In The Mosaic, Daniel Levin captures the essence of the human condition in a delightful parable that will entertain, enlighten and touch the hearts of all who read it. This simple and enjoyable story is a new adventure for all of us who desire to connect with and trust more of what is the same within us all.”

Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant – NY Times Best Selling Author

As you read The Mosaic, allow its words to inspire you and the space between its words to transform you.

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We build connection.

The connections you make tell a story. The people around you; the thoughts you think; the environment you live in; the foods you eat; the attitudes and beliefs you hold. All these things create the world you live in. When those connections change, life changes.

I hold the space for you to disconnect from the connections that no longer serve you and invite in the new connections that will align more with your life.

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“In many ways, Danny is a Shaman, knowing how to listen and articulate the thoughts of his clients in a much more meaningful way than they can objectively do themselves.  He is a true “intuitive” and an absolute pleasure to work with, particularly for those companies and brands wishing to balance both head and heart.”

Mia Kyricos – Senior Vice President- Global Head of Well Being – Hyatt Hotels




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