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Martin Luther King, Jr.,
born January 15, 1929
is universally known as a non-violent beacon of light
in the American civil rights movement in the 1960s
whose life was taken prematurely by the bullet of a sniper
as he stood on the balcony of his hotel room in Tennessee in 1968
In his most famous speech,
“I Have a Dream”, delivered in 1963,
he spoke of his dream of a United States
that is void of segregation and racism.
King gave his last sermon the day befor ehe was shot, saying, “We’ve got some difficult days ahead.
But it really doesn’t matter with me now,
because I’ve been to the mountaintop …
And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain.
And I’ve looked over, and I’ve seen the Promised Land.
I may not get there with you.
But I want you to know tonight that we, as a people,
will get to the promised land.”
his words are as true now as they were 50+ years ago
and as we celebrate him today
let us not forget the life that he lived
let us not forget
we too have been allowed to go up the mountaintop
and we hold dear to us the vision
that one day, all people no matter race, religion, border or sex
will be treated with honor and dignity and respect
we are one race, the human race
and we all deserve to be treated equally
we are all connected.
we are better together
we are the mosaic.


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see differently
when we see the world differently
the world we see becomes different.
are you willing to look at your life
your relationship,
your business
look how coved has
made us
all innovate?
where do you go from here?
are you able to listen and hear
love and accept
acknowledge and validate
the people and the world around you?

innovation and change
creativity and genius
do not exist in status quo.
we cannot change if we do not change.
recently a company brought me in to interview me.
they wanted to see if i could help them
they had been trying for many years to raise money
to create something that would go down in history as visionary
but they were unable to raise the money
and so the project for years and years remained undone.
sitting with them
i felt instantly why they had not raised the money
the story they were telling was not connecting to people
and i created a proposal for them
that eliminated their main objection,
“we have had a lot of people come in here and take our money
and not provide results.”
this was the excuse they were hiding behind
so i told them,
i would do the work and get paid
only when the work i did
brought in for them the money they sought.
it turned out,
they were scared to take the risk
and once i had resolved the problem they were hiding behind
they found another problem.
this is what we do when we are scared to play big.
i do it too sometimes.
the new excuse was
that had i come in, in a suit and tie and sat with them
they would have probably gone with my offer
but my look was too unconventional.
i shared with them,
the suits and ties had brought them to this place of frustration
what they saw as my disadvantage
was in fact my greatest advantage.
i am different.
i look different. think different.
and do business different.
i draw with a different box of crayons.
i am the one
people come to
when they want something different than what they have.
if they are happy with the status quo,
they do not need me.
i am not for everyone
nor do i want to be.
i am for those who want to stand out
for the innovators,
who want to create something different than everyone else.
and so we said goodbye amicably.
interestingly enough, to this day,
they have still not raised the money they need
and the project remains in pretty pictures,
but not in reality
i cannot disrupt a culture
by fitting in the box that creates the problem
i must stand out.
outside of that box.
innovation does not come by being the same
it comes from the practical creatives.
do you have the courage to be different,
not for the sake of rebellion
but for the celebration of originality.
to me, this is what we all yearn for
in our lives, our businesses, our communities
the creative unique expression to be who we truly are.
this is my joy
to live this way
and help others discover what makes them stand out.
how about you?
does this resonate with you?

innovation is what happens when it all stops making sense.

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i have witnessed some great businesses,
innovate once and then get stuck in the innovation
and lose their innovative edge.
they had a great idea and then followed it forever
until the innovation became the status quo
and they grew comfortable,
and lost the ability to risk everything and innovate again.

One of my guests on The Mosaic Podcast,
Donald Hoffman, a brilliant scientist and cognitive psychologist
shared with me this incredible statistic:
science tells us that 99% of all species become extinct.
In his book, The Case Against Reality
he says that evolution needs to hid the truth from us
because the truth would impact
our innate survival of the fittest instinct, making us extinct.

what do you choose not to see in your life and business
thinking that if you saw it,
you might lose your competitive edge?

we have been taught subtlety not to innovate,
most of us have been taught to not reinvent the wheel
and to just do what others do.
a sure fire way to stop innovation,
become irrelevant and become extinct.

it is understandable why we do it.
again lets look to science . . .
Dr Joe Dispenza says,
science tells us we have 70,000 thoughts a day,
95% of which are the same thoughts we thought yesterday.
and the day before, and the day before that.

so it is easy to understand why so many of us
just follow our routine,
we do what we have always done,
we think what we always thought,
and see what we have always seen.
and we do this in our lives, our relationships
and our businesses.
innovation is not something that is natural for us to do
and it may cause us our life in a survival of the fittest battle.

so, we look for situations that maintain the status quo
to help us play safe, take fewer risks,
we avoid environments that invite innovation
fearing a survival of the fittest confrontation
because we don’t have the confidence to think we can win,
and so we live life under the radar,
trying to “live” unnoticed.

this is how most of us spend our days, our years, our lives.
invisible. safe. creatures of routine and habit.

is this the way you want to show up in the world?

it all makes sense, until it doesn’t anymore.
innovation is what happens when it all stops making sense.

if life has stopped making sense,
if you are tired or bored or have just lost your spark,
if doing the same thing over and over
has dulled the light of hope you once had in your eyes,
if you want to live your dream again, no matter how old you are.
if you want to reconnect to yourself, your source, your purpose
and remove the boxes that you have been living in.
if your business is ready to innovate
and you are ready to see differently…

i have created what i call THE INNOVATION SESSION
where we sit together and ask for an initiation;
the words we share together will invite you to see differently
so that a transmission of innovation can happen uninterrupted.

the practice is based on what i noticed in my book
The Mosaic (available on Amazon)
that while the story is charming and its words touch your heart,
the secondary transmission happens
in the space between the words.

i feel guided now to offer private sessions
to initiate innovation
for those interested in seeing differently.
this is for individuals, couples, families and/or businesses.

contact me for details, price, appointment times.

How a Developmentally Delayed Girl, a Homeless Man and a Mosaic changed me

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I have been blessed with having a developmentally delayed daughter, but I have to say it didn’t always feel like a blessing. You see, my daughter Elisa can’t talk like you and I can. Most of the time she speaks, people don’t understand her. But because she has been with me all of her life, I usually have a pretty good sense of what she is trying to say. But sometimes, I don’t.

When she speaks and I don’t understand, she yells.  If that doesn’t work, she tantrums. That can be in a restaurant, a store, driving in a car, or over a friend’s house. And when she tantrums and I don’t understand her, she attacks me by trying to rip my shirt or bite me. This went on for a long time, with incidents like this happening sometimes 5,10 or even 15 times a day.

Finally, one day, I couldn’t take it anymore and in the midst of her increasing rage, I said to her, “Elisa, I want so badly to understand what you are saying, but I cannot understand your words. Can you please find a way to tell me what you are saying without using words?” From the midst of her rage, a smile came over her face, the kind of smile that melts you right down to your heart, and she looked at me and said in perfect English, “I am, Daddy.”

I was dumbfounded. When I asked her how she was doing that, she pointed to the side of head and I understood from her gesture that she was putting thoughts into my head. Immediately I realized, I had felt her doing that, but never trusted my instincts and now instead of her rage, both of us started laughing uncontrollably. That was about 4 years ago, from that moment on, she has never yelled, tantrum or attacked again.

Here is the amazing lesson she taught me that day.  I realized that everyone I work with, be they CEO’s of companies or employees, leaders in government or the people they govern over, teachers or students, family and/or community leaders; everyone does the same thing.  When they speak and they aren’t heard, they yell, when they yell and they aren’t heard they create a scene and when that doesn’t work they try to destroy something.  They shoot people in a shopping mall or blow up a building; attack someone’s reputation or destroy a marriage. And when I look at each situation and retrofit it, I realize, just like my daughter these people don’t feel heard.

I have had the opportunity to be with some of the richest people in the world, to sit with them around the dinner table, to meet their kids and their parents and to have conversations with them about the things going on in our lives, and I have had the amazing opportunity to sit with the poorest of the poor on street corners and have those same conversations.

One of those conversations was with Cory, a homeless man. We had been speaking for hours when I looked at him and asked, “Cory, you sit here and watch people all day long, is there something you would suggest people do to make the world a better place?” He didn’t even have to think about it for a moment, he knew his answer. “I would invite people to find someone they don’t know and ask them how they are doing and then spend 10 minutes listening, really listening to their answer.”

I asked him, “Of all the things you could ask for, why would you ask that?” His answer told me.

He said, “Danny, 3 months ago, I was having a really bad day. I was just sitting here but as people walked by, they spit on me, punched me, kicked me and cursed at me. I thought to myself, ‘what am I doing here? I am only making people more unhappy and so I decided that day, that when evening came, I would go around the corner to a street where it was dark and just take my life, thinking no one would even miss me. Two minutes after I had that thought, a man came out of nowhere and put his hand on my should and asked me, Brother, how are you doing?  Tears started to pour from my eyes and I told him I wasn’t doing well and without missing a beat, he sat down next to me and said, I am here for you if you want someone to listen.”

Danny, do you know, it took only about 10 minutes and when he left, I realized I could no longer kill myself, because somebody cared enough about me to listen to me for 10 minutes. That man has no idea that he saved my life that day.”

Here is another interesting result of this story, it is called The Butterfly Effect. where one small action, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings get multiplied by others doing the same and over time the flapping of their wings creates a hurricane in another part of the world. Just like that man had no idea he saved Cory’s life, Cory has no idea the impact his story had on me. He doesn’t know I tell his story on every TV, radio and/or podcast I am interviewed on and how much that one story touches others. It has also inspired me to travel around the world, doing just what Cory suggested, to sit with people for 10 minutes and listen to their stories. It is my hope to one day create a documentary that will allow us to hear the voices of the voiceless. We have no idea the impact listening to these stories might have. Who knows where the next great idea will come from?

Become part of the 10 minute solution. Ask the people in your business how they are doing and then just listen to them for 10 minutes. Ask everyone, the ones who clean your floors and run your marketing department; those who restock your inventory and ship your products as well as those who design and create those products? And more than that, why not take time to run your latest idea by these people and ask for their feedback?  Who knows where the next great idea will come from?

In my book, The Mosaic, the protagonist sets out to find heaven, but the people he meets along his journey are not the holy people he expects, but common ordinary people, like the trashman, the beggar, the blind woman, the gardener and the street artist. But when he listens to each of them tell their story, he realizes the person he now sees is entirely different than the person he first saw. And he wonders, what would he see if he could see what he doesn’t see. In this change of perception, he finds the heaven he was seeking.

Why not practice the 10 minute solution with everyone in your life; your spouse, your kids or your mother in law and as Cory suggests with someone you have never met before?


Levin is rare blend of businessman and mystic who sees what others do not see. It has been this one quality more than any other that has thrown him into some of the most exclusive boardrooms to help companies innovate new ways of finding solutions when the old ways stop working.


Could the answer to the world problems be given to us by a 30 year old developmentally delayed girl? Why not?

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so often, i listen to speak
rather than just simply listening to understand.
my mind works quickly
and often i (think i) know what is going to be said
and i am right enough of the time that it reinforces my actions.
and this is the way i have lived my life
until my beautiful developmentally delayed daughter taught me one of the most important lessons i have ever learned.

you see, Elisa does not speak like you and i
in fact, most of the time she remains quiet
and i have learned over time
to listen to her telepathically
as she is constantly putting her thoughts into my head
and because we are so connected,
most of the time i get what she is saying
and i listen to her,
but sometimes i don’t
and when this happens i ask her to use her words
to tell me what she wants.
and she will try to do this,
but remember, she does not speak like us.
so sometimes i don’t understand her even with her words,
when this happens, she speaks louder
thinking that if she increases the volume, i will hear her
but it isn’t the volume, it is the clarity of her words
that i can’t get.
and when she raise her voice and i still don’t understand,
she throws a tantrum
and when i still don’t get it,
she will run at me and try to rip my shirt or bite me.
fortunately, this does not happen too much anymore.
and it got me thinking,
elisa has shown me the way of every person i know,
she is more raw than most,
but isn’t it true
people try to tell us something
and when we don’t hear them, they speak louder
and when we still don’t give them the feeling of being heard,
they make a scene
and if they still don’t feel heard, they destroy something.

i wonder if the answer to the troubles we face
could be given to us by a developmentally delayed girl.
look at what we do,
we talk over people, we fight in teams we call our side
we love trump, we hate him
we are democrats vs republicans,
whites and black
men and woman
religion against religion.
is this the life we dreamed of living?
when is now the time to listen?
we face serious problems and we do not know the answers
because we can only see what we see.
one way to learn to see what we do not see
is to sit with other who see the world differently and just listen
but i/we defend our positions
and this is growing old. it is not taking us anywhere.
this old paradigm must end
it is time for a new paradigm to emerge
this paradigm is called connected intelligence.
the power of the people to find solutions together
by listening to each other
and seeing new ways we never saw before.

some people might say this is impossible
and one definition of impossible could be:
we don’t see a way to make it possible.
so when we sit together with others of like and unlike mind
and we share what we believe and listen to each other,
maybe, just maybe we will see something we never saw before
and the impossible may suddenly become possible.
the new conversation starts with listening not with talking.
care to join me?
all it takes is listening more and talking less.
it’s that easy.
please let me hear your thoughts.

How to change the world? Play nice together.

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From the time I was a child, one of my earliest memories was my mother and father saying to me, “Play nice together.” I never realised how powerful this simple words were, and I wonder if the great mother and father of us all are whispering these same words to us all right now.

The world is filled with so much beauty, so many acts of kindness, so many things to celebrate and enjoy and yet, at the same time, there is so much lack of understanding, and a feeling amongst so many people of being disconnected. Too many of us are speaking and not enough of us are listening.

I wonder, if the answers to the real problems we face are more simple than we think. I wonder if the words of my parents thousands of other parents who have told their children the same exact thing, would not, if practiced completely change the world we live in.

What if it were that simple? What if being kind to ourselves and to each other was all we needed to do?  What would that one practice initiate.



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Just as sure as the past is over, the future is coming. And though there will be those who fight what it comes to bring, complain about the changes it will ring to the world, and wish it weren’t so, mark my words, the future IS coming. To try to change that is to try to capture the ocean in a thimble. Impossible. At least, in the current world we know.

Here is what we know.  Everything will be disrupted. What is here now, will no longer be and 90% of the business that are now functioning and functioning well will no longer be here. We are entering a time where for the first moment ever in the history of the human species, we will not be the smartest being alive. This is already happening. But in the course of the next 10 years, the smart phone we hold in our pocket, the one that we purchase for $1,000 will have the capacity to thing at 10 to the 16th power. For most of us this is an incomprehensible number, until we are told that that is the capacity of the human mind.  In 10 years, we will buy a brilliant human mind and carry it in our pocket or in a disc thats inserted into our bodies. The knowledge at our fingertips will be unknown to anyone who has ever come before. And imagine this, in 25 years, that same smart phone, for that same $1,000 will now have the capacity of not only one human mind but 8 billion human minds, and all of that will be accessible to us.

And yet, our schools are not teaching our children about this. They are learning in such the same way we learned before we had computers. We will not need to memorise information but rather we will need to know the formulas necessary to access information whenever we need it,

In addition ot the knowledge that we will have, the onset of 3d printers and virtual reality will grow to such lengths that we will be able to speak into our phones what we want and without knowing one word of code, our phones will communicate complicated code to our 3D printer and it will start making the product we want right before our eyes for a fraction, and i mean a very little fraction of the cost it once used to be. already limbs are being manufactures for $150. not $1.5 million, 650 square foot houses are being made in one day for $4,000, cars are being printed, food will be manufactured “grown”, products that are now made in factories and distributed to stores will be made in our homes for a fraction/fraction of the cost. This means manufacturers, sales people, retail outlets, products will all no longer be needed as people discover the convenience and simplicity and cost efficiency of doing it all on their 3D printer. And all of that is just what we know now. We have no idea what is coming because as soon as we conceptualise it, it is no longer unknown and the future is unknown. What is coming is beyond our imagination.

beyond the revolution that is coming of artificial intelligence, there is another change that is coming and we have no idea how much that will influence us, and that is the celestial intelligence. We know without a doubt therein life beyond our planet and we are coming closer and closer to the time where we interact and learn to co-exist with beings from another planter i say galaxy. The human species, once the most intelligent of all creation will now encounter the intelligence of alien cultures and artificial intelligence of our own making.

This is the time for CONNECTED INTELLIGENCE. This is the intelligence of the living breathing Mosaic, where everything is connected. We are learning that we are not separate, that everything is the world and beyond is made of energy and what will that discovery bring to us. i want to speak more on this as days, weeks and months go by. To me, the biggest challenge facing us is not poverty, or hunger or racism or any fo the things we once thought were the challenges to take down our civiliazation, but rather how we end our place in this new world. For as Benjamin Franklin said many years ago, “The best way to predict the fate is to create it.” I invite those of you who feel drawn to this purpose, to not wait for your world to be disrupted, but to be the one that help disrupt the world for the better. In this way, we will grow together and prosper together. In every time of change there are the innovators that prosper and the hesitaters that go out of businesses. Now is the time to come together as A Mosaic of people to disrupt our business, our industries, our government and our way of life. Why leave it for 2 teenagers in a garage to do, when we can get out in front of this changing time and create our new reality.  This is The Mosaic.


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it is hard to read the newspaper
or listen to the news on radio or tv,
or even read facebook posts,
go to seminars, listen to people talk
without hearing blame.
for goodness sake,
i do not need to go outside of my own head
to hear chastisements of blame running on a regular cycle.
for those of you who know me,
i try my best to show up transparently,
to be vulnerable,
to share my point of view not as a teacher
but as someone who is figuring stuff out along the way
and so it is with that in mind
that i write this post today.
i write this from my heart
knowing full well it might be misunderstood
and yet, when the soul speaks,
after all these years,
i know better than to not listen.
it doesn’t take a visionary to see times are changing.
we are finding our voice.
movements like The Women’s March, #MeToo and The March for Our Lives (by the children)
have given voice to those who have felt voiceless.
it is long overdue and important for everyone to be heard.
i am entirely for this
for no one is above the law.
these movements have allowed
“we, the people” to speak out.
so it is with the utmost respect for the change that is happening that i continue.
the question is no longer do we have a voice
but rather how can our voice make a difference.
to me, one of the most important changes that is happening
is the shift from the patriarchal model to the matriarchal model.
what has been a male dominated society is now shifting
to one in which woman will and are needed to lead.
and the model of feminine leadership can not be
male leadership in a feminine body.
it might need to transition this way, but if we remain caught in this model
we will not have grown, we have just become another animal farm culture.
it is time for the male dominance to end
time for right and wrong to no longer be blamed but loved
i can tell you from my point of view, when i am blamed, i get defensive
when i am loved, i melt.
the way of the masculine is to fight
whereas the way of the feminine is to love
and our world is in desperate need of the feminine way.
this is the shift that is coming
and in order for this to take place,
we must find the new paradigm
rather than just model the old paradigm tha this brought us to this problem.
blame is the old paradigm
love is the new paradigm
and it is time for us to listen to one another
to help each other see what is right by lovingly modelling this behaviour
rather than by fighting (which is the masculine model) and blaming.
i know the pain that we have all felt
and i know how important it is to feel heard and to stop this behaviour
so that others do not have to experience it.
i understand the world of “YOU vs. ME”
i have lived in this world and know it very well
but i believe there is a new world that is wanting to be born
and i ask this simple question,
how would we act in a “WE” world not a “YOU vs. ME” world?
how would WE as one entity respond?
who would blame who when WE are the same?
and how could WE move forward?
please share your comments below.