i am sorry,
i normally write from my own place of vulnerability
and maybe as i write this, that will come
so trusting the “little man in my head”, my intuitive voice
i start writing.
i have spoken to so many people recently
i don’t mean 10’s i mean 100’s
and in the course of the conversations
in most cases, maybe all,
what i find over and over and over again is this simple thought
people are scared
scared to come out, scared to take a risk,
scared to invest because they don’t believe the money will come
scared someone will see them,
scared they won’t be seen,
scared they will be perceived less than
scared they are not good enough.
so we put up a wall to protect ourselves.
and that is completely understandable
seems like a smart idea
until . . . .
we realize
the wall that protects us
from seeing all of the possibilities that exist.
we build the wall because we have been hurt
and we are scared of getting hurt again.
so understandable
until we realize we are now being guided by fear, not love
that is what fear does
it debilitates us and makes simple choices, impossible
the classic deer in the headlights
all the deer has to do is keep walking
but it freezes in the road when it sees those lights
and BAM
we all know what we need to do, we just are too scared to do it.
for god’s sake, our walls are so high,
we don’t even know what we are scared of,
because we can’t see what is on the other side.
i see now, i am taking my walls down.
don’t misunderstand me,
i am still protecting myself too
but i now know why i am here.
my gift is that i create a space
where people trust.
from that place of trust,
they start to take down their wall.
often that is all that is needed
once the wall comes down,
they see all the possibilities that exist
they find what they want to do
and do it.
it is that easy, most of the time.
when it is not that easy,
i help them remove the garbage that they keep stumbling over
that keeps them from being able to move forward.
this is what i do.
this is how
i help you get what you want.
companies, corporations, individuals, executives, entrepreneurs.
we are very different
and yet in this way we are all very much the same.
when you really want to stop
doing what you do over and over and over again
and find a way to get what you want,
contact me or someone else you trust
let’s do some work together.
now is the time for your wall to come down
now is the time for youth get what you want.