the analogies of this event to my life did not go unnoticed.
the sun lights up the moon
but last night, the earth passed between the sun and the moon
blocking the moon from receiving it’s light

source light me up
yet, at times, many times,
i block that light from shining.
all my stories,
all those thoughts of not being good enough
all the beliefs that life has to be hard
that i have to punish myself for the things i did wrong
that i have to work hard to make things work.

what if all those stories were just stories
does the moon work hard to receive light from the sun?
or is it just what happens effortlessly?

there is a natural flow to the way of the world
and nature does not seem to fret or worry.
it follows the course easily and effortlessly

last night the earth came between the sun and the moon
and it gave me a chance to understand
when i block my light from shining
it is ok
it is just a part of the flow of my evolution.

how would my life look without self judgement?
perhaps the light in me would be more illuminated????

how about you? what do you feel?