in honor of yom kippur,
i ask your forgiveness…..
if i have hurt you knowingly or unknowingly,
if i have done anything you have felt lacked integrity,
if i have been less than loving and compassionate,
if i have treated you in any way but with the utmost love and respect
if i have not lived up to who you think i am
if my words, writings, conversations have been anything but respectful
please know, it is merely my inability
to be able to be vulnerable and free enough
to tell you how much i love you.
on this day of at-one-ment
i ask your forgiveness
and offer mine to you unconditionally.

in honor of the fall equinox
on this day where light and dark
share the same number of hours, minutes, seconds
i bow to the light and the darkness
that exists in me.

and a part of me knows
underneath all of this
i am neither the light nor the dark
but rather that which sees
both light and dark
and smiles.

if you feel the power of this day
no matter what religion, nationality, or belief
take time the celebrate the wholeness of creation
and enjoy the celebration
for who knows how many more celebrations we will have
as the book of life closes tonight
with the names of those who will go forward.

with the power of this day
i ask a blessing for all who read this
for the write of this message
and for the one who watches what is written.