know this . . . .
when it all comes down to it,
all of us want the same thing


and most of us will do what ever it takes to make that happen
we look relentlessly for our soul mate
we try so hard to be accepted by the right group go people.  we want so badly for people to like us.
we look for what we want all around us
hoping that in being part of the group, that guy/girl will want us
and slowly
ever so slowly,
we start to lose ourselves
in our desire to please others
so that we can feel loved and accepted.

what if we had it all wrong
what if, no matter what we did or did not do,
we were loved already
what if we are looking in all the wrong places
to find the one thing we already have.

we are in an epidemic experience
of loss of self love.
we love ourselves
at least that is what we tell others,
but because we really don’t,
we think that if we can get others to love us
we will feel comforted
only to find that when they do
we feel like an imposter
and build our walls even higher
thinking that if they ever really see who we am
they will see the same unworthy of love person we see
when we look in the mirror.
and so we get further and further away
from being ourselves
and the walls that we put up no longer allow us
the connection with others and so we feel isolated and alone.
unlovable, isolated and alone
if that doesn’t lead to addiction or self loathing
or just plain being too hard on ourselves
what does.

it is time for this to end
with the three simple words written above.
i want you to join me
in saying them over and over and over and over again to yourself.
you are loved.
tell it to the child inside you
that has waited all this time to hear it
and have the child say it back to you.
celebrate it, glorify it, live it, breathe it.

now how does your day look?
let me know.