i feel disconnected
from the very thing that keeps me whole.

fasting, meditation, healing, 
coaching, working, writing
cleansing, detoxing, changing,
kids schedules, kids needs, our schedules, our needs
what is most important, what i value most
is getting lost
in the busyness of life.

and i understand how this happens
it just sneaks up,
a little at a time
a 2mm change that over time becomes a gap.
the gap left unattended grows.

it has grown too far now
seeing patterns re-emerge.
walking through them
this time on the way out, not the way in.
being aware, it will change
i must go deeper, be more vulnerable,
give more, connect at a deeper place.

we cannot each do our thing,
because it is no longer “OUR” thing.

in this moment, i connect
to myself, my wife, my children, my life
and so it all begins.

does anyone understand what i am saying?