i meet people all the time
who tell me
how badly they want
a job, a relationship.
to know their purpose.

i talk with companies
that want better engagement of their employees
or better results from their marketing
or more dialogue with their (sometimes less than raving) fans

i see it in myself
the gap between
what i say i want
and what i am willing to do
not just once
but over and over and over again
until i get the result i want.

sustainable actions bring results.

i love the simplicity of Rumi
“keep knocking and eventually the joy inside you
will open the window to see who the hell is there.”

are you willing
to keep doing what you know is right
as a wise man once said,
“when you want what you want
like a drunk wants a drink
like a drowning man wants air
or like the lover wants their beloved….
then you will find it.”

is that the way you want what you want?
if so,
celebrate, because victory is near.