this is a question i am asking myself more and more and more.
(no, i am not doing drugs)

but i am looking clearly at my life
and what i see is a deeper realization of what i saw before.

what if, nothing is as it seemed.
what if in any situation,
the way i look at it
and the level of energy i bring to it
is what i see
not what is really there?

could it be possible
that there is no absolute reality
but rather only the meaning i give to that reality?
that changes everything
because what is, is only how i choose to see it.

think about it.
in every situation in life
there are barriers.
in our businesses, our relationships
our very sense of self.
there are limitations
some are real (at least for now)
but others just come from fear
and the feeling i have that i can’t do that
but some of these i will break through.

i see it all around me
barriers are broken,
a man goes to the moon,
another breaks the 4 minute mile
and soon, another will cure cancer
what is now, will not always be

but even on a more individual level
my barriers are being broken too.

do you see it too?
in business, in relationships, in self care, in going to the next level
limiting beliefs that keep me small,
assumptions about what would happen if . . . . . .
suddenly appear to hold less power.

a glimpse
a minute
i raise my vibration
and enter a new level of energy
what was so real before, no longer is.

so many contributors:
mas sajady healing
planetary shifts
ipec seven level of energy
tony robbins changing my state
yogananda, buddha,
great masters of the great religions
i feel them helping me.
transforming moments
raise my vibration
blast through barriers once unsurmountable
now manageable.

walls come down
brings some devastation,
but a new freedom emerges.

can you feel it?

things are not the way they seem.
does that make sense?