in the midst of all noise
i say your name
over and over and over and over and over
again and again and again and again and again . . . .
i know you hear me
screaming quiet whispers
above all other sounds.

hear me
soothe sorrows
lessen pain
relieve worry
end suffering.

around the business table
the dinner table
the changing table
the table that is my altar
so many voices pray
why do so few seem to be heard.

i know you hear me
and yet i do not pray so that you will hear me
you know.
i pray that i might hear my own prayer
and in it’s frequency
be uplifted.

my words are only words
and the sweetest words can do good
they can change the course of a business
or the feeling in a room
or melt misunderstandings that were once real….

ahhhhhhh . . .
but prayer changes the one who changes
and in the end
my prayer is not to change others
but to change me.