cannot be an orange
and an orange
cannot be an apple.
each must be true to itself.
an apple is an apple.
an orange is an orange.
this is clear.

but is it really?

all to often
over way too many years,
i have found
that i try to be
something other than myself.

what is inside me is who i am
and though i try from time to time
to be something other than what i am
this is the cause of my suffering.
inauthenticity to my self.

and more than that,
on the other side,
when i expect myself to be something i am not
it causes me pain.

when i get squeezed by life
expecting apple juice
and orange juice comes out
i judge myself for not being what i thought i was.

i am what i am.
no amount of wishing or wanting changes that simple fact.
why not just be me?
what an easy way to live life
and yet i choose this way
only some of the time.

it has taken courage to find myself
to stand vulnerable, open, unprotected.
it has moments of real pain
because i get hurt more easily.
that is why i cover up so often
and live inauthentically.

yet, i have no choice but to be vulnerable.
i watch as others assume
my vulnerability is weakness
make no mistake about it

my vulnerability is powerful. it is my strength.

when i no longer hide the orange inside
by trying to be an apple
what becomes possible?

how does the story i tell change?
what culture does my business create?
who do i attract to work with me? clients? employees?
how do i show up in my marriage? with my children.

when i no longer need to hide who i am,
what does that do to my self care?
my self love?
the magnetism i am able to generate?
the clarity of my message?

my authenticity is one of my core values.
is it ne of yours too?

does this make sense?
if so,
are you living an authentic life
if not, PM me,
it is time for us to work together
to tell your authentic story
to create your brand
to build your culture
to have an amazing relationship.

it’s time.
who’s ready to step up?