and some may even call me a JewBu (a jewish buddhist)
but it is only because of those who went before me
those who suffered, and were tortured, and gassed and killed
those who had to wear this patch 
and be shamed by those who did not understand who they were
that i still have the right to decide to choose.

on this, the beginning of the jewish new year,
i ask
that we end each in our own hearts
end racism,
end hatred,
end supremacy of any kind.

it is not because of the color of our skin
or where we were born
or what religion we follow
or who we love and want to marry
that we are better or worse than another.

we are all the same.
may we dance together in this new year
as brothers and sisters
who lift each other up
rather than put each other down.
in our businesses,
in our politics,
in our families,
in our schools
in our places of worship.
may we end this darkness
and light a candle to show our love for one another.

blessings and happy new year!
if you agree, light a candle in the comments below!