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Conversations with Strangers feat. JQ Sirls

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Conversations with Strangers feat. JQ Sirls
you can tell a lot about a person by the way they show up. sometimes the things we see are right, sometimes they are completely wrong. but these first impressions linger and they have actually been the nature of what i have been trying to overcome, because so often, my first impressions which are really quite good, also guide me in a direction that is not true. i have to tell you, this time, my first impressions were my friend.
i liked JQ the moment i saw him. he presents in a beautiful manner, not just in the fact that he is a good looking man, but also in the way he creates the environment around him, everything about him had the touch of an artist, and you can even tell from the colouring of the room behind him, the bright orange hat and the rich color of his skin, he has a way about him that is the way of an artist. and low and behold when we spoke he told me he is an artist. but what i could never see until i listened to him was all the other stuff that he has carried with him.
here is what we spoke about:
walking into our conversation without any expectations
and allowing these moment to take our character higher
being present without expectation
getting caught up in make believe
the difference how a cold and an adult do that
the belief in make up stories
who are we to control what happens after we give
reminding ourselves to be kids again
a beautiful poem
the practice of being a child
his cousins who baby-sat him and what he saw in his father
trying to remind my dad what a child really cares about
and being him and do the same with other people
the beauty and calm of design
understanding what a dad is, because i didn’t have my dad close to me growing up
the togetherness of new situations
the fantasy of what he create if money wasn’t important
the joy of giving people a moment to experience the childlikeness in each other
does he feel the world listens, how he feels we listen
and does he feel listened to?
growing up gifted with talent, considered a prodigy and how he felt
can he be seen not as a prodigy but as a man who s angry and hurt
people labelled him and made him what they wanted him to be
he just wants to be seen as he is
people want him to be something he is not,
but he has always been who he and he is that all the time
and wants to be accepted for who he is
hear what he has wanted to say all these years and never was able to say
i appreciate all you want for me, but please just accept me for who i am
and a whole lot more . . .
you have to listen to this conversation,
it is so real and raw and so intimate.
take the time to listen to what JQ has to say, i am sure it will resonate.
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Conversations with Strangers feat. Eve Howlett

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Eve Howlett
strangers, first impressions and agenda less conversation. all of this was present in my conversation with Eve. she responded to a post i posted in a podcasting group saying that she wanted to have a conversation with a stranger. and so i was more than happy to have her come into my zoom room and see where things would go.
first of all, i love that she is in Liverpool, England. home of The Beatles and though she doesn’t have the Liverpool accent, she seems to have the Liverpool accent to me.
as you have seen from many of my previous posts, first impressions give us certain information for sure, but all too often that information is not true. in this case, i will let you decide for yourself what is true and what is not. you have to watch this and see.
here is what we spoke about:
dressing up in costume or being entirely naked-what that means
being a life model
the origin of starting cabaret shows
finding a way to make $ from doing what she loves
loving getting attention and why she loves having eyes on her how do you make peace with you desire for attention
listen to what makes her happy and see if you can relate
why she feels she has to impress people
feeling not enough
as soon as she did this, all the bad stuff stopped, find out what that is
a revelation around how to be when you don’t fit in.
self acceptance and searching for external gratification
learning how to put herself first and the reveal for her of lockdown
the tendency to please other people and put ourselves last
the trick she discovered to having more energy
a short discussion on receiving, relaxing and doing things for herself
the story of The Trashman from The Mosaic
fitting in, tribal instinct and being alone
listen in to see what she is scared of and what excites her
and a whole lot more . . .
you will want to hear this podcast. it is so nice to meet someone who is not like me and to see how beautifully connected we actually are.

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Wandalyn Tan-Calupig

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Wandalyn Tan-Calupig
i have no idea how Wandalyn came into my room, i think she was the friend of another stranger and she saw the post of her friends show and made a kind comment, so i invited her to come into this room to get to know her too.
as you listen you will hear, Wandalyn was excited and nervous to be here. she doesn’t usually browse facebook much and even almost never sees a video posted and watches it first thing in the morning before even getting up.
she was able to feel my pain and she sent me the kindest note without even knowing me, she wanted to share with me the beauty of the guidance she received.
ah . . the beauty of empath meeting empath
here is what we spoke about:
taking on other peoples pain
the process of surrender the trashman, the trashcan and feeling people’s pain
the loss of her father and the direct line of faith that led her to make god her father
what no means to God
getting real with trust
leaving corporate and stay at home depression
planning and control and surrender
goal setting and life visioning
what does god want to give birth through me
the power of experience to reinforce surrender
the gift, self doubt and the trust in god
stories we create and how we are today
creating a life that is working and having to give it up becasue things fall apart around me
her dream of creating “the working mom academy”
a feeling i was having during our conversation of a conflict within her
our desire to do what we know we have to do and how it can blocks us from receiving what the divine wants to give us letting go of what we see to allow what we don’t see in
my will vs. god’s will
and a whole lot more . . .
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Conversations with Strangers feat. Dina Ziskin-Fortune

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Dina Ziskin-Fortune
to be completely transparent, Dina was not a total stranger. when i was going to be traveling round the world, Dina has invited me to come to her town and stay for a night or two in her home and perhaps even bring together a group of people for a presentation. so kind of her. i had met her through a mutual “friend” and so when she signed up for the show, i thought initially, she is not a stranger and so i can’t have her on the show. but as i thought about it, really did not know anything about her, so i decided why not? of course she can be on the show.
Dina is a talented artist. and like many artists, she seems more comfortable in front of a canvas than in front of people. She is a little bit awkward, a little bit goofy and a whole lot of herself. buried underneath there is a depth to her that comes out in this conversation. i hope you will sit with me as i sit with her to get to know Dina Ziskin-Fort. i hope you will be touched as i was just listening to the purity of who Dina is.
here is what we spoke about:
the contagiousness of the energy of this room and how people can come and draw from this energy
the beautiful simplicity of really caring about the answer to the question, “how are you?”
when how are you is no longer a salutation but a question of concern to gather information.
the fluidity of experiencing the world as an empath; as a feeler what changes to make one moment become different than the one before
whose feelings am i feeling anyway? is this feeling mine or someone else’s
the perfection syndrome l
iving life with purpose
why is it so important to impact people?
and what it means to Dina
does the desire to impact people sometimes get in the way of actually impacting people
how words get in the way and how you say/hear something and i say/hear something can be entirely different.
how good it feels to have people tell you how much your work touched them
how beautifully simply she expresses the magic in letting go of judgement and self criticism
hear what makes her happy
do people hear when they listen?
what would it take for people to hear?
having the feeling of presence and transferring it through life the giving and receiving of listening
the greatest thing she has learned from listening
and a whole lot more . . . .
i was touched by the beauty of Dina’s simplicity. the wisdom she shares can be so easily overlooked until you feel her kindness and listen to her purity
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Conversations with Strangers feat. Jannelle Gordon

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Jannelle Gordon
one of the reasons i like having these conversations with strangers is because of what happened in this conversation. Jennelle responded to a post i put out asking if there was anyone who wanted to have a conversation with a stranger. we set up a time and unfortunately her calendar entered the day and time incorrectly, so i sat waiting for her and then reconciled that the meeting was not going to happen. c’est la vie.
but she then reached out to me and explained and asked if we could reschedule and i said of course.
Janelle’s life story is one YOU MUST HEAR.
i would love to say more but i want you to listen to our conversation and hear how her story emerges and even more than that how Janelle rebuilds her life as a way to contribute back to woman still stuck in the life she led.
here is what we spoke about:
taking on the karma of other people
the mixed feelings we as empaths feel
the demystifying of the myth that it take a while to get to know each other
shaking the shame of sexuality helping people open up admist the fear of covid 19 a life where she experienced almost every type of sexual trauma the experience of sexual shame an almost unbearable unbelievable upbringing sexually trafficked what comes out after asking how are you for a second time how tony robbins helped her save her life the moment of clarity that came from a question a stripper asked her abandonment and why am i not good enough how much she wanted to be loved and to please the man who the moment she faked her death, didn’t even come looking for her realizing she was completely disposable healing in thailand where have we sold ourselves to be loved becasue we want the love from someone so much listen to her answer to what makes her happy from the dogma of a religious community to the club where she could only do things she was told to do to creating her own meaning how tony robbins reached out to her and possibly even saved her life the fact that someone so affluent cared and responded to me really touched me what changed in her when he believed in her doing the impossible and just continuing to do it
watching people become authentic looking into the face of their shadows
sitting with self
nothing is as it seems
judgement of self
how she changed her mindset and created everything around her
from worthlessness to invincibility
how people see me
how she portrays herself
the marketing of her vs what she was conditioned to be
do she want people to be uncomfortable around her by sharing content that is uncomfortable and wanting to prove people wrong.
what is it about this experience that allows her in this moment to show up as herself.
the pressure she puts on herself to give her son a better life than she had
undoing how she grew up and reading it for him
and a whole lot more . . . . .
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Conversations with Strangers feat. Jean Tien

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Jean Tien
the backdrop for this conversation is America days away from the most cantanquerous presidential election in over 100 years, a global pandemic growing in strength, race protest, a woman’s rights movement, global warming and a lack of trust in some of the institutions and values that we have lived by.
on top of that i had to reschedule our first call because we changed the dates my daughter was with us and throughout all of that, Jean was delightfully kind, understanding and loving. i knew i was going to like her before i even met her and i think you will too
here is what we spoke about:
having conversations with people we have never met
hearing of her work with woman to go beyond what they they is possible
being the eldest of an immigrant family
doing all the right things and feeling lost climbing up the corporate ladder to the next level and feeling empty
what drew her to start her personal journey
finding spirituality
learning from everything that happens to her and being open to receive from the people and situations that come to her
the importance of being heard
that moment and the courage to leave what the world thought was perfect
leaving a 20 year career in finance in corporate
seeing everyone else so happy and feeling like an oddball, and a trouble maker seeing the injustice around her and comparing it to the way things actually are
being a sensitive in a thick skinned world
a change of perception that might change the entire way she sees her life
a perceptual shift you can watch happen – going from the problem is me to i am in the wrong place
elephants and monkeys
the jigsaw puzzle life vs. the mosaic life
what does it mean for her to fit in
the learning of lineage
not fitting in and where it started?
never really feeling like she fit into society
being told if you don’t fit in, there is something wrong with you watching a perceptual shift where the judgement of being different slips away
her desire for external validation and how the nature of external validation makes it never enough
replaying the things we say and do to understand why “they don’t like me”
trying to fit in even into a band of misfits
the friday night blues
what was the terribleness? pleasing everyone, not feeling good enough, where did that start?
a discussion on genius and a whole lot more
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Conversations with Strangers feat. Tina Marie Trimpert

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Tina Marie Trimpert
Tina is one of those people you just like from the moment you meet her. her energy is warm and kind and there is a love that emanates from her that is easy to feel.
i liked her immediately. she is attractive, intelligent and full of energy. her outlook is beyond positive and she is the type of person on first glance who appears to have had one of those lives where everything just works out for her.
BUT . . .
as she shares for the first time publicly, life was not always the way it seems. hear a story that she has only shared with the closest of her family and friends. what a big step it was for her to tell her story and though there is a lot of the story that has not been told, the details are less important than the fact that this seemingly easy life of a charismatic beautiful young lady has a darkness to it that very few would be able to recover from . . .
but tina has.
you must listen to this conversation. it will inspired you and i believe you like me will feel the love and beauty that pours through this loving soul.
we speak about:
the convenience of the question “how are you” vs. the opportunity to listen to and care about the person that the question really invites us to hear.
being an empath and feeling the pain of others
going beneath why Tina feels fantastic all the time
how do we love ourselves and be positive in a world that is so divided
the feeling of being safe enough to share her trauma and how the story of her trauma will touch you
how hard it is to talk about it you can feel how deep this pain goes and how much more there is to it and i invite every one who listens to send her love and healing and to admire her courage to be able to share what she shared
how important it is for people to know they are not alone and to love each other and hold each other in our prayers
how important it is to listen to and hear people because we are so much more than what we appear to be
how her story makes her so much more powerful
the stigma attached to the way we look and the way we are perceived
the authenticness of her love and how easy it would be for her to feel differently
happiness inside and the happiness of the things outside of us listening and what allows her to listen
what is the biggest thing she has learned from listening
like minded communities and the silos that separate us
listen to her beautiful answer about the world we live in and the world she is handing over to her daughter
find out what she is hopeful about
the thought of acknowledging our pain vs. pushing it away
the story of elisa and the example of it in life
the time it takes to heal from our trauma and the triggers that ignite it
do what you need to do to heal
hear the advice she gives to those who want to get out of their pain
how she does with trust
and a whole lot more . . .
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Conversations with Strangers feat. Martine De Luna

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Martine De Luna
Martine De Luna is an intuitive and creative consultant to women leaders, founders and entrepreneurs. she is also a virtual speaker and workshop leader, and has been conducting online trainings for almost a decade. she makes her home in her country, the Philippines.
the beauty of this room is that it always surprises me. Martine is the friend of another stranger who came into this room, Jessa Grace, and becasue there was such a long time between the time she scheduled and our conversation i saw her name come up a few times and so in full transparency i checked her out online, something i usually do not do. i found her to be confident, capable and strong but there was something in her energy that did not at first attract me. she felt to me to be a little bit to teachy. so filled with this preconceived notion i came into the zoom room to meet her. . .
but . . .
the person i met in this room was nothing of the sort. she was soft and kind, loving and open and when i shared with her my initial impressions she was receptive and wanted to know what i felt. she told me she was in the process of making some changes that she had wanted to make for a while. i found our conversation to be beautiful and open and powerful. i think you will love this conversation. it is beautiful, emotional and real. please listen to it and share your thoughts . ..
we speak about:
the expectation of 2020, the retreat she led in Costa Rica, the volcano that changed the land she knew, the death of Kobe Bryant and the crisis she experienced inside her
the dark week of March and getting past it
the zoom conversations that might never have happened previously
living whole heartedly
how easy it is to open up when people feel the space to open up what scared her?
realising she was passing over to her kids, the same fear her parents passed down to her.
relinquishing the desire to control and how that happened. choosing to change from the person that knows the next step to being ok with being the person who doesn’t know the next step coming to the place where she was ok with not being ok becoming the safe bed for the fearful child inside of her rather than the doctor or the coach or the fixer.
an honest conversation about how she presents herself on social media and who she actually is and learning how to market who she really is
Me talking to me
fixing people vs. holding the space for people to realise there is nothing that needs to be fixed
from a vertical reality to a horizontal reality
changing from teaching each other to loving each other marketing the non-fixer and the space of love
the masculine and feminine side of each of us where the masculine side of us wants to fix what is broken while the feminine side of us realises nothing and no one is broken
am i doing it because i want to grow or because i want to patch myself up so that you cannot see me
can i stand in front of you without the need for you to accept me? can i just be me and can i let you see me behind all the things i want you to believe about me.
hear her response to what she is most scared of and what it evokes in her
the layer that suddenly becomes exposed that she runs away from but doesn’t want to lose, but how much she wants the bottom layer to be exposed.
the Trashman and letting go of the pain from the feeling that is right in front of her.
giving what you can in the moment and knowing the opportunity is always there and the tears that come and being seen
how powerful it is to have someone hold the space for us to be ourselves
and a whole lot more . . .
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to get in touch with her, email her through her website contact page

Martine De Luna

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Kathleen Hamilton

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Conversations with Strangers feat. Kathleen Hamilton
in all transparency, i know Kathleen a little bit because i was a guest on her podcast, The Ikigaia Podcast. we were supposed to meet as strangers before that, but Kathleen had to postpose her conversation with me, so we are not complete strangers here now, but i know only a little about her.
She was a digital nomad, working as she traveled the world for GeniusU and now she has settled into a home in Lisbon, Portugal. she cares about the future and the present and the people that are able toile a life that gives them fulfilment. listen in to hear what she believes and what she wants to do,
we speak about:
the things that are important to her
about people that care about things and what she sees
how liberating and painful caring can be
the zoom out and the zoom in of looking at life
the beauty of seeing the same thing differently
feeling the zest she has to be able to be happy
what is it about us that makes what we believe hard to say
identity politics
listen to the clarity of how she thinks trough things
growing up in Bali and the stories that are created in that
what other people think about us and why that is important to us
does age dictate why others people opinion mater or stop mattering?
hear what she answers to the question, if money weren’t important to you what would you do?
is there an in to fit into? and why do people who don’t ft into the world try so hard to make other fit in.
an interesting discussion on fitting in and not fitting in
cancel culture and the safety of our beliefs and creating safe spaces
is who we are a fixed thing and do people know who they are
and a whole lot more . . .
to learn more about Kathleen please go to:
her websites:
please listen to the Ikigaia podcast episode we did together:
If she knew the world was listening, she would tell them –
“there is so much magic to being alive, and your only obligation is to play in that magic, tell your own story, and help others however you can”.
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Conversations with Strangers feat. Dana Pierce

By Conversations
Conversations with Strangers feat. Dana Pierce
Dana came to the conversation through another strange that i met in this zoom room, Dan Mangena. Dan was someone i had a great conversation with and he was someone who was open to completely shifting his perspective and as a result he invited a couple fo people to my room to have a conversation. Dana was one of them.
i instantly liked Dana. She is an attractive, intelligent person and you can see and feel from her face, this is a woman who is kind and loving. in speaking together, i found that she is a self love coach and you can clearly see she is doing the work and . . . .
you will want to hear this conversation.
i think it is fair to say, Dana had a big breakthrough in this room where we spoke together. here is what she wrote me after our conversation, “I want to thank you once again for our conversation and the work that you’re doing in the world. So much was gifted to me in our brief time together, and the timeline shifts that have already resulted have been both a blessings and a miracle.”
this is a conversation you will want to listen to. it is open and honest and real and raw. i hope you love it.
we speak about:
what happens when people feel loved and accepted
how Dana came here to be challenged
how important it is to be seen and heard
how much we share in common
on becoming 50
to sit with people and hold the space to be with them in unconditional love
how when the gift she gives others is given to her and how she feels it is a challenge to be on the other side of what she does. getting behind the story we hide behind and looking at it eyeball to eyeball
discovering the reason why she showed up today
the fear she feels and the desire to go back into the story to escape the fear
shame and will i be shamed by myself
going from the place where you are the one who gives the answers to being the one that is asked the questions
questioning the answers she gives and the stories she tells
what is the fear she thinks she will shame herself for
rejection and belonging and the tears in her eyes
why in the story of rejection does shame show up
the story of a 15 year old mother and the train of shame that connects the dots through the incidents of her life
what her shame protects her from seeing
trust and faith and how can i trust my faith when i have been hurt unraveling the feeling to arise from behind the story it hides behind
how hard it is to stay with the feeling of the shift rather than go back to safe story
doing the best that you can
what is the story life is telling you that you haven’t yet heard empathy and compassion
the story of elisa, listening and the escalation of her behaviours until she is heard and the whisper the things in her life are trying to say to her.
the shift, bam, and the realisation of how important it is for her to show up
the gift of shame
and a whole lot more . . .
to learn more about Dana please go to:
and FB is a great way to connect @danapierceselflovecoach .
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