Conversations with Strangers feat. Martine De Luna
Martine De Luna is an intuitive and creative consultant to women leaders, founders and entrepreneurs. she is also a virtual speaker and workshop leader, and has been conducting online trainings for almost a decade. she makes her home in her country, the Philippines.
the beauty of this room is that it always surprises me. Martine is the friend of another stranger who came into this room, Jessa Grace, and becasue there was such a long time between the time she scheduled and our conversation i saw her name come up a few times and so in full transparency i checked her out online, something i usually do not do. i found her to be confident, capable and strong but there was something in her energy that did not at first attract me. she felt to me to be a little bit to teachy. so filled with this preconceived notion i came into the zoom room to meet her. . .
but . . .
the person i met in this room was nothing of the sort. she was soft and kind, loving and open and when i shared with her my initial impressions she was receptive and wanted to know what i felt. she told me she was in the process of making some changes that she had wanted to make for a while. i found our conversation to be beautiful and open and powerful. i think you will love this conversation. it is beautiful, emotional and real. please listen to it and share your thoughts . ..
we speak about:
the expectation of 2020, the retreat she led in Costa Rica, the volcano that changed the land she knew, the death of Kobe Bryant and the crisis she experienced inside her
the dark week of March and getting past it
the zoom conversations that might never have happened previously
living whole heartedly
how easy it is to open up when people feel the space to open up what scared her?
realising she was passing over to her kids, the same fear her parents passed down to her.
relinquishing the desire to control and how that happened. choosing to change from the person that knows the next step to being ok with being the person who doesn’t know the next step coming to the place where she was ok with not being ok becoming the safe bed for the fearful child inside of her rather than the doctor or the coach or the fixer.
an honest conversation about how she presents herself on social media and who she actually is and learning how to market who she really is
Me talking to me
fixing people vs. holding the space for people to realise there is nothing that needs to be fixed
from a vertical reality to a horizontal reality
changing from teaching each other to loving each other marketing the non-fixer and the space of love
the masculine and feminine side of each of us where the masculine side of us wants to fix what is broken while the feminine side of us realises nothing and no one is broken
am i doing it because i want to grow or because i want to patch myself up so that you cannot see me
can i stand in front of you without the need for you to accept me? can i just be me and can i let you see me behind all the things i want you to believe about me.
hear her response to what she is most scared of and what it evokes in her
the layer that suddenly becomes exposed that she runs away from but doesn’t want to lose, but how much she wants the bottom layer to be exposed.
the Trashman and letting go of the pain from the feeling that is right in front of her.
giving what you can in the moment and knowing the opportunity is always there and the tears that come and being seen
how powerful it is to have someone hold the space for us to be ourselves
and a whole lot more . . .
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Martine De Luna

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