Conversations with Strangers feat. Tina Marie Trimpert
Tina is one of those people you just like from the moment you meet her. her energy is warm and kind and there is a love that emanates from her that is easy to feel.
i liked her immediately. she is attractive, intelligent and full of energy. her outlook is beyond positive and she is the type of person on first glance who appears to have had one of those lives where everything just works out for her.
BUT . . .
as she shares for the first time publicly, life was not always the way it seems. hear a story that she has only shared with the closest of her family and friends. what a big step it was for her to tell her story and though there is a lot of the story that has not been told, the details are less important than the fact that this seemingly easy life of a charismatic beautiful young lady has a darkness to it that very few would be able to recover from . . .
but tina has.
you must listen to this conversation. it will inspired you and i believe you like me will feel the love and beauty that pours through this loving soul.
we speak about:
the convenience of the question “how are you” vs. the opportunity to listen to and care about the person that the question really invites us to hear.
being an empath and feeling the pain of others
going beneath why Tina feels fantastic all the time
how do we love ourselves and be positive in a world that is so divided
the feeling of being safe enough to share her trauma and how the story of her trauma will touch you
how hard it is to talk about it you can feel how deep this pain goes and how much more there is to it and i invite every one who listens to send her love and healing and to admire her courage to be able to share what she shared
how important it is for people to know they are not alone and to love each other and hold each other in our prayers
how important it is to listen to and hear people because we are so much more than what we appear to be
how her story makes her so much more powerful
the stigma attached to the way we look and the way we are perceived
the authenticness of her love and how easy it would be for her to feel differently
happiness inside and the happiness of the things outside of us listening and what allows her to listen
what is the biggest thing she has learned from listening
like minded communities and the silos that separate us
listen to her beautiful answer about the world we live in and the world she is handing over to her daughter
find out what she is hopeful about
the thought of acknowledging our pain vs. pushing it away
the story of elisa and the example of it in life
the time it takes to heal from our trauma and the triggers that ignite it
do what you need to do to heal
hear the advice she gives to those who want to get out of their pain
how she does with trust
and a whole lot more . . .
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