Conversations with Strangers feat. Jean Tien
the backdrop for this conversation is America days away from the most cantanquerous presidential election in over 100 years, a global pandemic growing in strength, race protest, a woman’s rights movement, global warming and a lack of trust in some of the institutions and values that we have lived by.
on top of that i had to reschedule our first call because we changed the dates my daughter was with us and throughout all of that, Jean was delightfully kind, understanding and loving. i knew i was going to like her before i even met her and i think you will too
here is what we spoke about:
having conversations with people we have never met
hearing of her work with woman to go beyond what they they is possible
being the eldest of an immigrant family
doing all the right things and feeling lost climbing up the corporate ladder to the next level and feeling empty
what drew her to start her personal journey
finding spirituality
learning from everything that happens to her and being open to receive from the people and situations that come to her
the importance of being heard
that moment and the courage to leave what the world thought was perfect
leaving a 20 year career in finance in corporate
seeing everyone else so happy and feeling like an oddball, and a trouble maker seeing the injustice around her and comparing it to the way things actually are
being a sensitive in a thick skinned world
a change of perception that might change the entire way she sees her life
a perceptual shift you can watch happen – going from the problem is me to i am in the wrong place
elephants and monkeys
the jigsaw puzzle life vs. the mosaic life
what does it mean for her to fit in
the learning of lineage
not fitting in and where it started?
never really feeling like she fit into society
being told if you don’t fit in, there is something wrong with you watching a perceptual shift where the judgement of being different slips away
her desire for external validation and how the nature of external validation makes it never enough
replaying the things we say and do to understand why “they don’t like me”
trying to fit in even into a band of misfits
the friday night blues
what was the terribleness? pleasing everyone, not feeling good enough, where did that start?
a discussion on genius and a whole lot more
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