Conversations with Strangers feat. JQ Sirls
you can tell a lot about a person by the way they show up. sometimes the things we see are right, sometimes they are completely wrong. but these first impressions linger and they have actually been the nature of what i have been trying to overcome, because so often, my first impressions which are really quite good, also guide me in a direction that is not true. i have to tell you, this time, my first impressions were my friend.
i liked JQ the moment i saw him. he presents in a beautiful manner, not just in the fact that he is a good looking man, but also in the way he creates the environment around him, everything about him had the touch of an artist, and you can even tell from the colouring of the room behind him, the bright orange hat and the rich color of his skin, he has a way about him that is the way of an artist. and low and behold when we spoke he told me he is an artist. but what i could never see until i listened to him was all the other stuff that he has carried with him.
here is what we spoke about:
walking into our conversation without any expectations
and allowing these moment to take our character higher
being present without expectation
getting caught up in make believe
the difference how a cold and an adult do that
the belief in make up stories
who are we to control what happens after we give
reminding ourselves to be kids again
a beautiful poem
the practice of being a child
his cousins who baby-sat him and what he saw in his father
trying to remind my dad what a child really cares about
and being him and do the same with other people
the beauty and calm of design
understanding what a dad is, because i didn’t have my dad close to me growing up
the togetherness of new situations
the fantasy of what he create if money wasn’t important
the joy of giving people a moment to experience the childlikeness in each other
does he feel the world listens, how he feels we listen
and does he feel listened to?
growing up gifted with talent, considered a prodigy and how he felt
can he be seen not as a prodigy but as a man who s angry and hurt
people labelled him and made him what they wanted him to be
he just wants to be seen as he is
people want him to be something he is not,
but he has always been who he and he is that all the time
and wants to be accepted for who he is
hear what he has wanted to say all these years and never was able to say
i appreciate all you want for me, but please just accept me for who i am
and a whole lot more . . .
you have to listen to this conversation,
it is so real and raw and so intimate.
take the time to listen to what JQ has to say, i am sure it will resonate.
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