Conversations with Strangers feat. Lilith Moon
Lilith Moon is a modern day shaman, holistic business coach and the creator of Shamanic Yoga. She combines yoga, shamanism and holistic business coaching to help aspiring healers go all the way from accelerating their own healing journey to training as shamanic healers and creating their soulful, successful healing businesses.
When she isn’t busy creating, coaching or healing, she spends playful time with her 4 year old son Lou, who she shares a love of nature, singing, dancing and horse back riding with. They have a home base in Austria, spend the summers in the eco village Findhorn in Scotland and the winters in Ubud, Bali.
but, i didn’t know any of this when Lilith and i started speaking. i take that back, i think i knew she called herself a modern day shaman. and as she sat in the zoom room with me i could feel her. she had gone through a lot and was now on the other side helping others. for her The Shamantic Path was her key.
i think you will like hearing this conversation.
here is the one thing she wants to share with the world: – “Learn shamanic journeying. It is your birthright to understand yourself and all of life from an energetic perspective, so that you can know and love yourself deeply and embrace your soul purpose to serve others in profound ways while you live an abundant, fulfilled life.”
here is what we spoke about:
“i am half earth and half sky”
one of the fundamental realities of shamanism the tree of life and the chakras
the happiness of an epic sword fight with her son
traveling and seeing new realities
happiness is inside us and feeling the world around us
the way things happen and how to hear the messages that are out there
calling the energy in and getting answers even when those answers are not exactly what we want
the place where it all starts vs what we learn as we grow up
why she did not find her solution and how shamanism opened her up
diving into the peace of yoga deeply but not finding answers to her questions
a train ride, a healing, a voice that she heard in her head and an initiation that came in the cold of the mountains
the search for a teacher and finding a student who would teach her shamanism
what allows her to be open inner knowing and hearing the inner calling and knowing it is true
boundaries, borders, being a snob and ordinary people
clarifying a point that would have been left unclassified
knowing who it is we can help and not trying to help everyone vertical and horizontal realities and what the heck that even means holding space and what creates healing
and a whole lot more . . .
you will want to listen to this conversation !!!!!!
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