Conversations with Strangers feat. Eve Howlett
strangers, first impressions and agenda less conversation. all of this was present in my conversation with Eve. she responded to a post i posted in a podcasting group saying that she wanted to have a conversation with a stranger. and so i was more than happy to have her come into my zoom room and see where things would go.
first of all, i love that she is in Liverpool, England. home of The Beatles and though she doesn’t have the Liverpool accent, she seems to have the Liverpool accent to me.
as you have seen from many of my previous posts, first impressions give us certain information for sure, but all too often that information is not true. in this case, i will let you decide for yourself what is true and what is not. you have to watch this and see.
here is what we spoke about:
dressing up in costume or being entirely naked-what that means
being a life model
the origin of starting cabaret shows
finding a way to make $ from doing what she loves
loving getting attention and why she loves having eyes on her how do you make peace with you desire for attention
listen to what makes her happy and see if you can relate
why she feels she has to impress people
feeling not enough
as soon as she did this, all the bad stuff stopped, find out what that is
a revelation around how to be when you don’t fit in.
self acceptance and searching for external gratification
learning how to put herself first and the reveal for her of lockdown
the tendency to please other people and put ourselves last
the trick she discovered to having more energy
a short discussion on receiving, relaxing and doing things for herself
the story of The Trashman from The Mosaic
fitting in, tribal instinct and being alone
listen in to see what she is scared of and what excites her
and a whole lot more . . .
you will want to hear this podcast. it is so nice to meet someone who is not like me and to see how beautifully connected we actually are.

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