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Just as it is so hard for us to see ourselves clearly, without the distortion our stories place on what we see,
The same is true in branding your company.
It is often hard for us to see and tell the story of our business. I can tell you first hand, this is true. In launching my website, the one you are on right now, I went through what I can only call, “A Dark Night of the Soul”. I asked for feedback and listened to all the responses I received. Some loved it. Some didn’t. Everyone gave feedback. As I tried to integrate everything they said into my copy and design. I started to get depressed and felt like I was not good enough.
They told me I was trying to do too much, “A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None”.
How many times growing up did I hear this? How deep was that belief already within me. When they watered it, all the weeds (lack of self confidence) associated with it grew.
I sat for days in a rut.
Until my friend, poured concrete into my rut and made a road.
She told me,
“You are already doing all the things that people said you couldn’t do.”
In that moment, THE MYTH EXPLODED.
Sure it might be true that most people are better at doing one thing than many. But it is not true for me.
I love the diversity and the excitement of always doing something new.
It made me think,
how many other myths do I just believe because they have been told to me my whole life?
How about you?????