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Just as sure as the past is over, the future is coming. And though there will be those who fight what it comes to bring, complain about the changes it will ring to the world, and wish it weren’t so, mark my words, the future IS coming. To try to change that is to try to capture the ocean in a thimble. Impossible. At least, in the current world we know.

Here is what we know.  Everything will be disrupted. What is here now, will no longer be and 90% of the business that are now functioning and functioning well will no longer be here. We are entering a time where for the first moment ever in the history of the human species, we will not be the smartest being alive. This is already happening. But in the course of the next 10 years, the smart phone we hold in our pocket, the one that we purchase for $1,000 will have the capacity to thing at 10 to the 16th power. For most of us this is an incomprehensible number, until we are told that that is the capacity of the human mind.  In 10 years, we will buy a brilliant human mind and carry it in our pocket or in a disc thats inserted into our bodies. The knowledge at our fingertips will be unknown to anyone who has ever come before. And imagine this, in 25 years, that same smart phone, for that same $1,000 will now have the capacity of not only one human mind but 8 billion human minds, and all of that will be accessible to us.

And yet, our schools are not teaching our children about this. They are learning in such the same way we learned before we had computers. We will not need to memorise information but rather we will need to know the formulas necessary to access information whenever we need it,

In addition ot the knowledge that we will have, the onset of 3d printers and virtual reality will grow to such lengths that we will be able to speak into our phones what we want and without knowing one word of code, our phones will communicate complicated code to our 3D printer and it will start making the product we want right before our eyes for a fraction, and i mean a very little fraction of the cost it once used to be. already limbs are being manufactures for $150. not $1.5 million, 650 square foot houses are being made in one day for $4,000, cars are being printed, food will be manufactured “grown”, products that are now made in factories and distributed to stores will be made in our homes for a fraction/fraction of the cost. This means manufacturers, sales people, retail outlets, products will all no longer be needed as people discover the convenience and simplicity and cost efficiency of doing it all on their 3D printer. And all of that is just what we know now. We have no idea what is coming because as soon as we conceptualise it, it is no longer unknown and the future is unknown. What is coming is beyond our imagination.

beyond the revolution that is coming of artificial intelligence, there is another change that is coming and we have no idea how much that will influence us, and that is the celestial intelligence. We know without a doubt therein life beyond our planet and we are coming closer and closer to the time where we interact and learn to co-exist with beings from another planter i say galaxy. The human species, once the most intelligent of all creation will now encounter the intelligence of alien cultures and artificial intelligence of our own making.

This is the time for CONNECTED INTELLIGENCE. This is the intelligence of the living breathing Mosaic, where everything is connected. We are learning that we are not separate, that everything is the world and beyond is made of energy and what will that discovery bring to us. i want to speak more on this as days, weeks and months go by. To me, the biggest challenge facing us is not poverty, or hunger or racism or any fo the things we once thought were the challenges to take down our civiliazation, but rather how we end our place in this new world. For as Benjamin Franklin said many years ago, “The best way to predict the fate is to create it.” I invite those of you who feel drawn to this purpose, to not wait for your world to be disrupted, but to be the one that help disrupt the world for the better. In this way, we will grow together and prosper together. In every time of change there are the innovators that prosper and the hesitaters that go out of businesses. Now is the time to come together as A Mosaic of people to disrupt our business, our industries, our government and our way of life. Why leave it for 2 teenagers in a garage to do, when we can get out in front of this changing time and create our new reality.  This is The Mosaic.


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it is hard to read the newspaper
or listen to the news on radio or tv,
or even read facebook posts,
go to seminars, listen to people talk
without hearing blame.
for goodness sake,
i do not need to go outside of my own head
to hear chastisements of blame running on a regular cycle.
for those of you who know me,
i try my best to show up transparently,
to be vulnerable,
to share my point of view not as a teacher
but as someone who is figuring stuff out along the way
and so it is with that in mind
that i write this post today.
i write this from my heart
knowing full well it might be misunderstood
and yet, when the soul speaks,
after all these years,
i know better than to not listen.
it doesn’t take a visionary to see times are changing.
we are finding our voice.
movements like The Women’s March, #MeToo and The March for Our Lives (by the children)
have given voice to those who have felt voiceless.
it is long overdue and important for everyone to be heard.
i am entirely for this
for no one is above the law.
these movements have allowed
“we, the people” to speak out.
so it is with the utmost respect for the change that is happening that i continue.
the question is no longer do we have a voice
but rather how can our voice make a difference.
to me, one of the most important changes that is happening
is the shift from the patriarchal model to the matriarchal model.
what has been a male dominated society is now shifting
to one in which woman will and are needed to lead.
and the model of feminine leadership can not be
male leadership in a feminine body.
it might need to transition this way, but if we remain caught in this model
we will not have grown, we have just become another animal farm culture.
it is time for the male dominance to end
time for right and wrong to no longer be blamed but loved
i can tell you from my point of view, when i am blamed, i get defensive
when i am loved, i melt.
the way of the masculine is to fight
whereas the way of the feminine is to love
and our world is in desperate need of the feminine way.
this is the shift that is coming
and in order for this to take place,
we must find the new paradigm
rather than just model the old paradigm tha this brought us to this problem.
blame is the old paradigm
love is the new paradigm
and it is time for us to listen to one another
to help each other see what is right by lovingly modelling this behaviour
rather than by fighting (which is the masculine model) and blaming.
i know the pain that we have all felt
and i know how important it is to feel heard and to stop this behaviour
so that others do not have to experience it.
i understand the world of “YOU vs. ME”
i have lived in this world and know it very well
but i believe there is a new world that is wanting to be born
and i ask this simple question,
how would we act in a “WE” world not a “YOU vs. ME” world?
how would WE as one entity respond?
who would blame who when WE are the same?
and how could WE move forward?
please share your comments below.


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So often we miss the moment. Moments like the one in which a photographer took a photo of birds flying in the sky. She was attending a memorial ceremony in Orlando when the birds caught her attention and she started taking photographs. Only later, when the photographer returned home and looked at the picture did she count the birds in the photo. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She counted 49 birds flying in the sky, one for each of the 49 people who were gunned down in a gay nightclub being memorialize in the service she was attending. How is that possible?   Could it be completely random or could we live in a world where synchronistic moments like this happen all the time?

Moments, seemingly insignificant in the course of time, but so immensely powerful, that if we saw them, would not only change us but change the way we do what we do. Let me give you an example of something that happened just the other day.

A client of mine, asked me to come as an advisor to a meeting they were having with a big potential client. My client, an innovator in a field that is changing the way companies do business, knows what they bring to a business and knows businesses want what they have.

They have been meeting with a lot of companies, and though they give good presentations and companies love what they are doing, they have not been closing the business they know they can. So they brought me in to observe the meeting and tell them why.

As I sat, and watched, I saw something my client didn’t see. My client lacked spontaneity. Caught up in the presentation, they could not see the pivot. It happened very quickly and was easy to miss. It only took one moment and because my client didn’t see it, there was a disconnect. He continued with his presentation and every moment moved him further and further away from their mutually desired destination.

So I interrupted the presentation and asked if I could share an observation. Over the years I have been consulting, I have seen and been a part of many situations like this one. So often companies get stuck in trying to achieve the big result that they don’t see the moments that lead to it. I have watched as these moments changed the direction of a project, or the look and feel of a new product, the culture of a company, or in this case the sale of a service. It is so essential to be aware of the fluctuation of each moment and to be spontaneous enough to be able to respond.

Each moment has the power to either continue or disrupt the moment before. When the action of this moment continues the action of the moment before it, it creates momentum. When the moment disrupts the action of the moment before, it creates change.

All I did was guide them through the spontaneity of being off script. I saw from the moment of their pivot, the company had been signalling their desire to communicate something to my client. Once I acknowledged their desire to communicate, they choose to share confidential information with my client that was essential for him to have in order to personalisation his proposal to address what they specifically needed.

I helped them to repurpose essential the same information into a completely different meaning which allowed them to have a different endgame, that only he could deliver.  This opportunity would have never been activated if I had not been spontaneous enough to go off script and be present.

How spontaneous is your company and what business are you leaving on the table because your focus in on the endgame rather than the present moment. What are you not able to see, because you are looking at what you do see?

This is the Mosaic. Spontaneous connections that activate new realities that until now, were unseen. Seeing what we didn’t see.

Daniel Bruce Levin, is the author of the upcoming book, The Mosaic.He helps companies see what they can’t see allowing them to connect more to their brand, their clients, their staff and their purpose. to learn more, email me directly:



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i wonder if you are at all, like me.
within me, lives both a creative and a perfectionist.
in fact, they represent in me two of my core values.
and usually they live together in peace
but it is when they lead me in different directions that i am torn.
let me explain with a perfect case in point. . .
i have been writing a book called, The Mosaic for over a year now.
i have finished it, reworked it, finished again and reworked it so many times,
that when i look on my computer for the final version, i sometimes have a hard time finding it.
here is the good news: i sent it out to book agents
and i am represented by one of the top book agents in the country.
he believes in what i have created
and told me that he very rarely says what he is about to say to me,
he feels my book, The Mosaic, will touch millions and millions of people.
with that in mind,
he sent it out to a few of the major publishers
most of which have sent back extremely kind letters,
saying they really liked the book
but they all choose to reject it.
during a time of introspection.
i found these two core values were at opposition.
on one hand, there was my desire to be creative, to express myself freely
to not give a darn what others think, to do what i feel is right
on the other, my desire to get it perfect
so that everyone who reads it, wants to share it with 10 more people.
in this case, i did the first but didn’t achieve second.
so i sat with it. reread it
and i have to say i felt the book is missing something.
so, i decided to re-work it
telling the same story but now outlining a 15 point plot structure.
the perfectionist in me created a new outline
and i decided to use this outline to rewrite The Mosaic.
before doing that, i sent the new outline to my agent.
he wrote back, ” i like the original story better.
the only reason the publishers rejected your book
was because you do not have a big enough platform.”
he said to me, if this was written by paulo coelho, the author of the alchemist
it would have received a very large advance and been accepted by many of them.
but i am not paulo coelho, i am danny levin.
i have a very small platform and a story that probably needs a little fine tuning.
so how do i move forward?
i have taken it inside
i have created a dialogue
asking the creative and the perfectionist within me to connect.
i told them, need both of you to play together.
there is something special about this book, due to the brilliance of my creative
and there is something it is missing.
which the perfectionist clearly sees.
to make the book to right,
i must reconcile these two parts of me

it is not the fight of the creative and the perfectionist that brings resolution
but the connection of these two seemingly opposite core values.
i must learn to see what i cannot see
and when the battle of my core values resolves,
The Mosaic will have found a connection where previously there was no connection,
and that is how i will move forward.

THE MOSAIC of America

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The UNITED States of America?

UNITED in name, fragmented in belief.  Once a melting pot, made strong by our diversity, we have become a country engaged in an ideological civil war.  Once a land where people from all nations came to live, to build the American Dream,strengthening us and themselves at the same time; we now not only talk about building walls around our borders, but we build walls between our beliefs.  How can we not feel a little embarrassed and ashamed as we teach our children the pledge of allegiance:

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

ONE NATION . . .  INDIVISIBLE . . .  LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL?  Does this still resonate with the America of today?  Have we not lost our core values?  For now, it seems we live in a land where we have forgotten we are one. We choose to see our differences rather than those things that make us great.  We see ourselves as multi nations, DIVIDED under many Gods, with liberty and justice for just a few.  We have become a country of red and blue states, DIVIDED right down the middle.  Coasts vs. Interior.  North vs. South.  The shock conservative radio show hosts accuse the liberal media of brainwashing the country while they feed their hatred on anyone who opposes them.  What has happened to us?  The Republican Party has gone so far to the right that it has lost it’s way.  And the Democratic party continues to move more and more to the left.  There seems to be very little UNITED  about these United States of America.

Because we are a divided nation, we fight each other.  Our ideological struggles create gridlock and prevents sorely needed change from happening. That ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE has become broken and shattered, It is time to build THE MOSAIC.

We are no longer what we used to be, and if we try to hold on to what we were, it will only cause the sadness that comes when looking at a beautiful piece of pottery that is now chipped.  But we are not the broken bowl. Nor are we the shattered piece. We are part of an exquisite Mosaic.  One nation under God Indivisible.

It is time for us to come together and create The Mosaic,  It is time for all brother and sisters to come together again.  We are calling out to all colors, shapes and sizes, those who are big and those who are small,  those who shine and those who have lost their lustre, those made of wood, and those of ceramic.  It is time for us to take that which seems broken, the  pieces of diversity and make something even more exquisite than what was.

It is time to build THE MOSAIC.

We are not broken.  We are a part of something magnificent.  It is in our diversity that we are not only beautiful but powerful.  Now, we stand apart, but we must all realize we are a part of this exquisite Mosaic called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This is our greatness.  This is the American Dream.  This is the Mosaic.

Daniel Bruce Levin is the author of the upcoming book, The Mosaic.  He is creating Mosaic Gathering around the country and around the world, creating community where there is discord.  For in community we thrive and in discord we suffer.  His goal is to end suffering in this lifetime.  To become a part of The Mosaic Movement, please leave your email below.



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Inherent in our corporations, businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors is the idea of building a service or product that fulfills a need people have and at the same time is profitable.  It is the simple achievement of this one simple statement that brings fulfillment to our lives, and yet all to often, it is the carrot at the end of the stick that we never realize.
We either spend all of our time trying to make money, slowly allowing the fulfillment of people’s needs to slip or we serve the needs of others and forget to include ourselves in the goodness that we bring, continually help people for free and not only are we not profitable, but we run ourselves into the ground wondering why people continue to take advantage of us.  The carrot at the end of the stick literally than becomes like a nimchok that swings back and beats us down.
For a rare few, the PROPHET’s in the business place, those who understand that HYPERGROWTH  can only happen when there is a convergence of finding that which serves others and that which serves self.  It is at this place, when we are truly honest, that we find fulfillment.
All too often, we hear the story of the people who have everything except the one thing they want.  For those who do not have money and who live life struggling from one paycheck to the next, the stress they feel of living life so haphazardly leaves them thinking that if only they had money, life would be different.  And they are right. Life would be different, but not necessarily fulfilling.  Trading one set of problems for a diverse and different set of problems is really all that happens, all the while that elusive sense of fulfillment slips away yet another time.
Let me be perfectly clear here.  Profit does not bring fulfillment.  Prophet does.
The PROPHET is someone who is wise. He/She knows himself, understands what she needs to be happy and instead of putting a carrot at the end of the stick, carries the stick of happiness in his hand.  She looks at all situations more holistically, looking to profit everyone involved, knowing that when everyone profits, profitability is sustainable.  But profit is only a part of the equation.  The PROPHET looks at what is best for both parties involved in the deal, whether that be a singular transaction or a life long contract.  The PROPHET understands that everything comes from inside out rather than outside in.  What makes a deal great is not how much money we make from it, but who we become in the process.
To learn more about becoming a PROPHET, email:

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individuals, companies, corporations and government
we have found
in 100% of the cases
there have been issues around trust.
senior management doesn’t trust each other
middle management doesn’t trust senior management
husbands don’t trust wives
parents don’t trust their children
one party doesn’t trust the other
and few trust authority of any kind any more.
look no further than
the reality TV showed called “the republican party”.
entertaining for some to watch,
but embarrassing to be a part of.
we just came back from a trip where we met and conversed
with dignified people from many different countries
all said the same thing
your election process is entertaining to watch,
but we are scared.
in essence, america as great as it is
has lost something,
the trust of the nations of the world
that rely on us
and the influence we bring to the world in which they live.
but our political scenario is only a reflection
of what is at the center of the whole way we now live.
with immediate access to the world around us,
we see reason after reason to fear more
and trust less.
and this leaks into everything we do.
as people we protect ourselves more and trust less.
in business, we carry our protected selves to our work place
and we trust those we report to, our peers,
and those who run the company
less not more.
our lack of trust
makes it harder and harder
to achieve the greatness we want
for those we serve.
we spend our time fighting
because we don’t trust one another.
what would our world look like
if we could once again trust one another?
i can tell you from the work we do with companies and government
individuals and corporations
everything changes.
who is interested in this dialogue
not only talking about it intellectually
but bringing trust back to our lives,
our businesses, our families, our government.
this is our work,
who is actively ready to join us?


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i am writing a book called THE MOSAIC.
This is the story of a man who has everything
except the one thing he really wants.
So, he closes the door of his house
with only the clothes on his back
and the money in his pocket and just starts walking.
Common wisdom would tell him
without knowing where he is going he will never get anywhere.
But this time, common wisdom is wrong.
The undistinguished assortment of characters
he meets along the way
The Hitchhiker,
The Trash Man,
The Street Artist,
The Thief,
The Blind Woman
and a bunch of others
are people he never had the time to speak to previously,
but now, with nowhere to go and no time frame to get there
he has all the time in the world to sit and talk with them.
Each story told disrupts his preconceptions
and changes the meaning he gives to being,
to the people he sees
and to life itself.
Each story mysteriously brings him closer and closer
to what he set out to find
and what will their story give you?????
limited offer to the first 24 people.
10 spots already taken, 14 left.
to sign up for a place, send instant message me
or email me:
t h a n k y o u !!!!!


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that helps us determine
why we sabotage ourselves and better yet how we can get out.
it is a proprietary assessment
that I became certified to give and debrief on
as part of my IPEC Coach Training Program
and it is amazing.
And I do not say that lightly.
I have been around the block quite a few times
and I have seen tons of different things,
this is one of those tools you want in your tool belt.

What if life was not what we think is.
What if life was exactly what we think it is?
Confusing? Not really.
Life is much, much bigger than we could ever imagine.
I often laugh when i think i understand it,
because here is what i know,
whatever i understand is only a thimble of what is.
Life is not what we think it is.

And . . .
When life happens, we see it a certain way
The reality from each perspective is true.
Life is what we think it is.

But here is another beautiful reality.
Every thing that happens can be seen from seven different perspectives
Each perspective we choose creates a different reality
When we change perspective, our whole reality changes.
Life is not what we think it is.

How valuable would it be for you to know how to choose your reality
and to choose how you show up

Let’s talk

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may we spread:
love and end hatred
love of self and end self loathing
peace and end war.

may 2016 be the year
we each step up
and become who we know we have chosen to be.
may our dream become our purpose.