Inherent in our corporations, businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors is the idea of building a service or product that fulfills a need people have and at the same time is profitable.  It is the simple achievement of this one simple statement that brings fulfillment to our lives, and yet all to often, it is the carrot at the end of the stick that we never realize.
We either spend all of our time trying to make money, slowly allowing the fulfillment of people’s needs to slip or we serve the needs of others and forget to include ourselves in the goodness that we bring, continually help people for free and not only are we not profitable, but we run ourselves into the ground wondering why people continue to take advantage of us.  The carrot at the end of the stick literally than becomes like a nimchok that swings back and beats us down.
For a rare few, the PROPHET’s in the business place, those who understand that HYPERGROWTH  can only happen when there is a convergence of finding that which serves others and that which serves self.  It is at this place, when we are truly honest, that we find fulfillment.
All too often, we hear the story of the people who have everything except the one thing they want.  For those who do not have money and who live life struggling from one paycheck to the next, the stress they feel of living life so haphazardly leaves them thinking that if only they had money, life would be different.  And they are right. Life would be different, but not necessarily fulfilling.  Trading one set of problems for a diverse and different set of problems is really all that happens, all the while that elusive sense of fulfillment slips away yet another time.
Let me be perfectly clear here.  Profit does not bring fulfillment.  Prophet does.
The PROPHET is someone who is wise. He/She knows himself, understands what she needs to be happy and instead of putting a carrot at the end of the stick, carries the stick of happiness in his hand.  She looks at all situations more holistically, looking to profit everyone involved, knowing that when everyone profits, profitability is sustainable.  But profit is only a part of the equation.  The PROPHET looks at what is best for both parties involved in the deal, whether that be a singular transaction or a life long contract.  The PROPHET understands that everything comes from inside out rather than outside in.  What makes a deal great is not how much money we make from it, but who we become in the process.
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