i am writing a book called THE MOSAIC.
This is the story of a man who has everything
except the one thing he really wants.
So, he closes the door of his house
with only the clothes on his back
and the money in his pocket and just starts walking.
Common wisdom would tell him
without knowing where he is going he will never get anywhere.
But this time, common wisdom is wrong.
The undistinguished assortment of characters
he meets along the way
The Hitchhiker,
The Trash Man,
The Street Artist,
The Thief,
The Blind Woman
and a bunch of others
are people he never had the time to speak to previously,
but now, with nowhere to go and no time frame to get there
he has all the time in the world to sit and talk with them.
Each story told disrupts his preconceptions
and changes the meaning he gives to being,
to the people he sees
and to life itself.
Each story mysteriously brings him closer and closer
to what he set out to find
and what will their story give you?????
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