that helps us determine
why we sabotage ourselves and better yet how we can get out.
it is a proprietary assessment
that I became certified to give and debrief on
as part of my IPEC Coach Training Program
and it is amazing.
And I do not say that lightly.
I have been around the block quite a few times
and I have seen tons of different things,
this is one of those tools you want in your tool belt.

What if life was not what we think is.
What if life was exactly what we think it is?
Confusing? Not really.
Life is much, much bigger than we could ever imagine.
I often laugh when i think i understand it,
because here is what i know,
whatever i understand is only a thimble of what is.
Life is not what we think it is.

And . . .
When life happens, we see it a certain way
The reality from each perspective is true.
Life is what we think it is.

But here is another beautiful reality.
Every thing that happens can be seen from seven different perspectives
Each perspective we choose creates a different reality
When we change perspective, our whole reality changes.
Life is not what we think it is.

How valuable would it be for you to know how to choose your reality
and to choose how you show up

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