Just as sure as the past is over, the future is coming. And though there will be those who fight what it comes to bring, complain about the changes it will ring to the world, and wish it weren’t so, mark my words, the future IS coming. To try to change that is to try to capture the ocean in a thimble. Impossible. At least, in the current world we know.

Here is what we know.  Everything will be disrupted. What is here now, will no longer be and 90% of the business that are now functioning and functioning well will no longer be here. We are entering a time where for the first moment ever in the history of the human species, we will not be the smartest being alive. This is already happening. But in the course of the next 10 years, the smart phone we hold in our pocket, the one that we purchase for $1,000 will have the capacity to thing at 10 to the 16th power. For most of us this is an incomprehensible number, until we are told that that is the capacity of the human mind.  In 10 years, we will buy a brilliant human mind and carry it in our pocket or in a disc thats inserted into our bodies. The knowledge at our fingertips will be unknown to anyone who has ever come before. And imagine this, in 25 years, that same smart phone, for that same $1,000 will now have the capacity of not only one human mind but 8 billion human minds, and all of that will be accessible to us.

And yet, our schools are not teaching our children about this. They are learning in such the same way we learned before we had computers. We will not need to memorise information but rather we will need to know the formulas necessary to access information whenever we need it,

In addition ot the knowledge that we will have, the onset of 3d printers and virtual reality will grow to such lengths that we will be able to speak into our phones what we want and without knowing one word of code, our phones will communicate complicated code to our 3D printer and it will start making the product we want right before our eyes for a fraction, and i mean a very little fraction of the cost it once used to be. already limbs are being manufactures for $150. not $1.5 million, 650 square foot houses are being made in one day for $4,000, cars are being printed, food will be manufactured “grown”, products that are now made in factories and distributed to stores will be made in our homes for a fraction/fraction of the cost. This means manufacturers, sales people, retail outlets, products will all no longer be needed as people discover the convenience and simplicity and cost efficiency of doing it all on their 3D printer. And all of that is just what we know now. We have no idea what is coming because as soon as we conceptualise it, it is no longer unknown and the future is unknown. What is coming is beyond our imagination.

beyond the revolution that is coming of artificial intelligence, there is another change that is coming and we have no idea how much that will influence us, and that is the celestial intelligence. We know without a doubt therein life beyond our planet and we are coming closer and closer to the time where we interact and learn to co-exist with beings from another planter i say galaxy. The human species, once the most intelligent of all creation will now encounter the intelligence of alien cultures and artificial intelligence of our own making.

This is the time for CONNECTED INTELLIGENCE. This is the intelligence of the living breathing Mosaic, where everything is connected. We are learning that we are not separate, that everything is the world and beyond is made of energy and what will that discovery bring to us. i want to speak more on this as days, weeks and months go by. To me, the biggest challenge facing us is not poverty, or hunger or racism or any fo the things we once thought were the challenges to take down our civiliazation, but rather how we end our place in this new world. For as Benjamin Franklin said many years ago, “The best way to predict the fate is to create it.” I invite those of you who feel drawn to this purpose, to not wait for your world to be disrupted, but to be the one that help disrupt the world for the better. In this way, we will grow together and prosper together. In every time of change there are the innovators that prosper and the hesitaters that go out of businesses. Now is the time to come together as A Mosaic of people to disrupt our business, our industries, our government and our way of life. Why leave it for 2 teenagers in a garage to do, when we can get out in front of this changing time and create our new reality.  This is The Mosaic.