individuals, companies, corporations and government
we have found
in 100% of the cases
there have been issues around trust.
senior management doesn’t trust each other
middle management doesn’t trust senior management
husbands don’t trust wives
parents don’t trust their children
one party doesn’t trust the other
and few trust authority of any kind any more.
look no further than
the reality TV showed called “the republican party”.
entertaining for some to watch,
but embarrassing to be a part of.
we just came back from a trip where we met and conversed
with dignified people from many different countries
all said the same thing
your election process is entertaining to watch,
but we are scared.
in essence, america as great as it is
has lost something,
the trust of the nations of the world
that rely on us
and the influence we bring to the world in which they live.
but our political scenario is only a reflection
of what is at the center of the whole way we now live.
with immediate access to the world around us,
we see reason after reason to fear more
and trust less.
and this leaks into everything we do.
as people we protect ourselves more and trust less.
in business, we carry our protected selves to our work place
and we trust those we report to, our peers,
and those who run the company
less not more.
our lack of trust
makes it harder and harder
to achieve the greatness we want
for those we serve.
we spend our time fighting
because we don’t trust one another.
what would our world look like
if we could once again trust one another?
i can tell you from the work we do with companies and government
individuals and corporations
everything changes.
who is interested in this dialogue
not only talking about it intellectually
but bringing trust back to our lives,
our businesses, our families, our government.
this is our work,
who is actively ready to join us?