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this is a question i am asking myself more and more and more.
(no, i am not doing drugs)

but i am looking clearly at my life
and what i see is a deeper realization of what i saw before.

what if, nothing is as it seemed.
what if in any situation,
the way i look at it
and the level of energy i bring to it
is what i see
not what is really there?

could it be possible
that there is no absolute reality
but rather only the meaning i give to that reality?
that changes everything
because what is, is only how i choose to see it.

think about it.
in every situation in life
there are barriers.
in our businesses, our relationships
our very sense of self.
there are limitations
some are real (at least for now)
but others just come from fear
and the feeling i have that i can’t do that
but some of these i will break through.

i see it all around me
barriers are broken,
a man goes to the moon,
another breaks the 4 minute mile
and soon, another will cure cancer
what is now, will not always be

but even on a more individual level
my barriers are being broken too.

do you see it too?
in business, in relationships, in self care, in going to the next level
limiting beliefs that keep me small,
assumptions about what would happen if . . . . . .
suddenly appear to hold less power.

a glimpse
a minute
i raise my vibration
and enter a new level of energy
what was so real before, no longer is.

so many contributors:
mas sajady healing
planetary shifts
ipec seven level of energy
tony robbins changing my state
yogananda, buddha,
great masters of the great religions
i feel them helping me.
transforming moments
raise my vibration
blast through barriers once unsurmountable
now manageable.

walls come down
brings some devastation,
but a new freedom emerges.

can you feel it?

things are not the way they seem.
does that make sense?


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in the midst of all noise
i say your name
over and over and over and over and over
again and again and again and again and again . . . .
i know you hear me
screaming quiet whispers
above all other sounds.

hear me
soothe sorrows
lessen pain
relieve worry
end suffering.

around the business table
the dinner table
the changing table
the table that is my altar
so many voices pray
why do so few seem to be heard.

i know you hear me
and yet i do not pray so that you will hear me
you know.
i pray that i might hear my own prayer
and in it’s frequency
be uplifted.

my words are only words
and the sweetest words can do good
they can change the course of a business
or the feeling in a room
or melt misunderstandings that were once real….

ahhhhhhh . . .
but prayer changes the one who changes
and in the end
my prayer is not to change others
but to change me.


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surrender. let. go. release.
in the quiet of my meditation.
in the stillness of the early hours,
in the emptiness of having a good enough life.
i hear the same message over and over again.
surrender. let go. release.

i am carrying so much
that is no longer mine to carry.
i have gotten so used to holding it
that i have forgotten how to let go.

i am scared
and so even though i live life at a high level
for me, i know i am settling for good enough.
there is greatness here
underneath all this fear
that keeps me playing only good enough

it is time to let go of my need to control
and yet i am not even sure i know how.

open the grip i hold on life,
on my business,
on my love,
on my beliefs
on what i think i can and cannot do
on the need to continually punish myself with pain
and lack.

open my heart
my mind
my soul
to receive
that which is so much greater than i.

it is inside me
and yet i make pretend it is distant.
it is closer than the closest reality
it is not something foreign. it is the most familiar.
that which comes
when i let go
is me.

please tell me you know what i am saying . . . .
do you?


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More and more what I am finding
is this very simple truth,
that i have heard over and over again,
but only now am i understanding it.

We just don’t see it.
We have gotten so used to seeing it,
that we don’t see it anymore.
Have you ever had this happen to you?

We think we see
but we are really blind.
We do not take chances in our businesses
because when we did in the past, it didn’t work.
We do not take risks by having real conversations with our families,
because in the past we couldn’t get through to them.

We live life safely;
never taking risks,
because if what we try doesn’t work,
we do not think we can stand the pain.

If it does work,
everything changes.
Our business becomes innovative.
Our relationships become intimate.
And the life we live has meaning.

Please share with me your experiences.
Share with me the miracles you have seen happen right in front of you.

Available Today Only- LIVE HAPPY

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Every day,
not even more than that, every moment
we have a choice.
Where we are now and where we will be tomorrow
is a result of the choices we have made
and the ones we will make today.
We cannot go back and change
the choices that have brought us to this moment,
to this situation in our life,
BUT . . . .
we can learn from them.

Many people lament their choices
and continue to make the same choices over and over again.
But the world every moment is offering a special
the deal of the century
but it is only available today, in this moment.

We can choose right now
Leave behind every other thought,
leave behind every other hurt,
leave behind the belief that you can’t

When you choose to LIVE HAPPY,
everything in life changes
and life itself celebrates your decision.
When things go wrong, instead of feeling bad,
This is my lesson, the one that I am learning.
Too much time, I have spent lamenting and sad.
Life is here for us to find happiness.
Take advantage of this incredible deal


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i don’t know about you
but i do know me
i lived life afraid
afraid to love and be loved
afraid to fail and to succeed
afraid that i would not be able to be who i thought i was.

so i hid,
played small,
and lived life running from one relationship to the next.

my fear became my friend,
it was the only thing i let close to me
and my protector
and it did it’s job very, very well.

i let nothing in, and let nothing out.
though i appeared to be kind and loving,
i never let anyone, not even myself,
into the center of my heart.
fear protected me with razor blade like invisible walls
all around my heart.

i was a good friend,
a good partner
a good brother
a good dad,
but never great one.

i was good at my work, some would even say great
but my work was to build others, never myself.
i was the guy behind the success of others
but never the one in front of my own success.

i had gotten used to it
and managed to live an ok life.
there was no reason to change.

until . . . .
i went shopping with my daughter for a dress for her to wear to my wedding
we went to the same store we had gone to to get her many things before
but this time,
nothing fit her.

it hit me,
she had grown a tummy just like mine.

it wasn’t always the case.
she had been heavy when she was living with me
but then choose to go away to live in a group home for 4 years
(my daughter has a developmental delay)
and while she was there, she lost a lot of weight,
a lot.
she was really skinny.
but when she moved back with us,
she very quickly gained weight again.

let me explain something here.
her diet was better than ever (gluten free, sugar free, diary free, everything free)
and she was exercising more than she ever had
so from that, she should have lost weight
but she did not.
she gained weight.

my daughter was trying to be like me.

suddenly, i have even more reason to love myself
to take off the protection of my “friend” fear
and to live life from a place of love.

the choice i made,
not only affected me,
it affected my daughter
and others close to me.

yesterday, while shopping for a dress with my daughter
my life changed.
day one, i love myself
and i am choosing to treat myself like someone who loves himself.
this one choice, changes all choices.

and what i realized is this.
even if i can’t do it for myself (which i most certainly can)
i must do it for my daughter.

the message i am giving her from today forward has changed.
i bet she will now lose weight again too.

what message are you giving to the world around you?
will you let fear bind you
or will you allow yourself to be seduced by love.
how will this one decision change your entire life?


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years ago, my daughter taught me an amazing lesson . . .
i have gotten ahead of myself, let me share with you the story.

after years of working at hay house
as the director of business development
i was sitting at a dinner with many of our authors
when one of them stood and said,
“danny, we have been talking together.
you have helped each one of us so much,
and yet, you have never asked any of us for anything,
how come?”

i told them, “it is not only my job to take care of you,
but also my nature.
everyone wants something from you,
i want only to give to you.”

long story, long . .
they told me they wanted to give something back to me
and asked if they could come over and work on my developmentally delayed daughter.

you have to understand,
the people i was speaking with were the most renown healers and psychics in the world today,
so of course, i answered, yes!

one by one, the parade of luminaries came to my house
and start to work on my daughter.
after a couple days,
my daughter looked at me and said,
“daddy, what’s wrong with me?”
i smiled and replied,
“nothing my beautiful little girl,
you are perfect just the way you are.”

her next question took me totally by surprise.
” daddy, if nothing is wrong with me
why are you and all these people trying so hard to change me?
why don’t you just love and accept me the way i am?”


with tears streaming down my eyes,
i promised her then and there
that i would not only love and accept her the way she is
but i would also do that for everyone i know.

there are many times i stumbled
and i choose not to look at those times
i choose to look at the many, many time i succeed
because in the process of loving and accepting my daughter,
i have started to understand
what loving and accepting myself means too.

all of us want to be loved and accepted
and this is something we can freely give each other.
it costs nothing to do
it takes no time to do it.
it is easy.

i love you.
i accept you.
just exactly the way you are.


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We just brought home a #beautiful, #loving, #sweet, #incredibly smart 8 week old puppy.  His name is #hashtag :).  Needless to say, we are completely enamored with him.   #instantly melted the hearts of everyone in our family.  He is full of puppy energy, teething on everything and telling us when he needs something, eating ferociously and doing an amazing job at house training (only 2 small accidents).  he plays all the time he is not sleeping and learning new things.  for #, everything here is new and he explores it all.

i couldn’t help but see the life lessons he is already teaching me.

1. explore everything.  # is amazing.  there is nothing that he does not see, and he interacts with everything he does see.  he plays with everything and everyone.  imagine this type of energy in business.  what would happen if  everyone we met, we interacted with, not in the way of business, but in the way of shear enjoyment.  do you think you might get some more business?  i sure do.

2. sink your teeth into anything you can.  when we take # outside, he sinks his teeth into everything.  doesn’t matter what it is, he plays with leaves, branches of a tree, in ground sprinklers, flowers, benches, hands, pant legs, statues, bushes, you name it, if he sees it, he bites into it.  i wonder if i were to look at every possibility, every opportunity that enters me wheelhouse, if more would come and business might grow?

3. run and play and then rest. i am amazed at how hard #plays and then how immediately #sleeps.  a gentle lesson to me, to play hard, work hard but also to rest and relax.  i so often miss this part.

4. fear is crippling, but only until you conquer it.  #was scared of steps. he would not go up or down.  suddenly, with the help of some treats, #went up stairs.  first one, then two then all of them.  now he goes up all the time on his own.  but going down steps is a lot harder for him.  he has made it down 2 steps, but then turns around.   the thought of going down all of the steps is too scary now.  he can do it, because he has gone down 2 steps, but fear takes over and turns him around.  all i can say is i relate to this a lot.  fear cripples me in some aspects of my business and personal life too.

5. stop actions that are harmful, reinforce actions that you want. #is so smart, he learns so quickly, but it is partially because of the training we are giving him.  when he jumps on the wall of his play pen, we say in a forceful tone “DON’T” then in a more gentle tone “down” then when he is down we say “good down hashtag, #gooddown”.  we reinforce the action we want, not dwell on punishing the action we don’t want.  i wonder as business people how much we do this?  i wonder how much we do it in our relationships, or in raising our kids?  it is so easy to just say don’t but never to reinforce the good action.

6. #purelove.  if you do not have a puppy, stop reading this right now and go out and get one. #lol, #gives us so much love, that all we want to do is love him back.  it is just his nature to love and everyone who meets him, wants to hold him and love him.  he has sure taught me a lesson about giving love completely.

7. #hasnofavorites.  he loves everyone without condition.  a stranger walks into the house, #loveshim, one of the kids is playing with him and the other one takes him, #loveshim, the person who feeds him and the one that cleans up after him, #lovesthem.  #loveseveryone.  i know i need to learn this lesson.

8. #forgets the past and lives in the present.  if someone scolds him, a moment later he is just as kind to them as the one who did not scold him.   #carries no memories. how free this must feel.   i wouldn’t know.  not yet at least.

9. #adaptable.  he left everything he knew, his mom, his dad, his home, his brothers and sisters and came with strangers to their home.  never once did he say this isn’t fair.  never once did he complain.  never once did he feel abandoned.  instead, he made the best of it, created a new family around him. loved and trusted everyone and became completely happy immediately.  the way of happiness is adaptability. as buddha said,  suffering comes from wanting things to be different.  happiness comes from accepting what is.

10. #no expectations.  i have no idea what lesson #10 will be or the thousands more that will come after that, but like hashtag, i will keep my eyes open, sink my teeth into everything, play hard and then take care of myself and rest, realize how crippling fear is, reinforce good behaviors, be pure love, have no favorites, become adaptable and no have expectations.  i bet this will help me in more ways than i could ever know.

#goodlessons 🙂


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I heard a story about a bus in India driving along a road that was destroyed during the war. The driver trying his best to make the ride as smooth as possible was zig zagging to avoid big potholes. He was doing well until, he zigged instead of zagged and went right into the center of a big pothole. Try as he might, he could not get out.

So, he asked everyone on the bus to get off and push. One, two, three minutes later, the bus had moved back and forth, but was still caught in the hole. The driver got off the bus to see what was happening. When he did, he started laughing . . . .

Much to his surprise, half of the people were pushing from the front, while the other half were pushing from the back. No wonder, the bus was still stuck.  To me, this story was unbelievable. How could people do that? Didn’t they see what they were doing? It was funny in a sad sort of way. How could people be so unaware? It was crazy to me, until . . . . . .
I see numerous situations in my life where I make a decision to do something and one part of me blocks that decision. The latest incident was last night. I had been on a liquid diet for 3 days, doing a cleanse of sorts when ana got off work early, so I met her for a glass of wine. One glass became 3 and she suggested I have some almonds, I thought no, I won’t do that, until I found my hand reaching over to takes some. On the walk home, I stopped to see a friend of mine and she was having an open house, and she handed me a glass of wine and a plate of crackers and cheese. What do you think I did? I ate it. I had broken my “liquid diet” already and so the door was open to have more. I woke up this morning, feeling sick to my stomach, as my body said to me, “What are you doing?”
Are you like me at all? Have you ever decided to do something and then only give it half of your energy? If so, you and I are just like that bus in India.  CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW LIFE WOULD BE, if you put all of our energy in one direction? Can you see what would be possible?
In the work I do, whether it is with individuals, families, businesses or corporations, I find this bus story exists in almost every case. Is it any wonder people are stuck where they are? Take a look at your life, and see if there is one area where you feel stuck. Go to that place, sit with it. Sit in it. Watch the tendency to run away from it, but instead of running, be with it. Look at the energies you bring that are wanting to push forward, to accomplish the task in front of you. Introduce yourself to these people (within yourself). And then walk to the other side of the bus, and sit with those who want to stop you from going forward. Talk with them, meet them, understand them. How are they trying to help you? What job have you given them to do that they are doing in service of you, to help you.
Thank them. Both sides of the bus. Bring them all together now. Introduce them to each other and let them become friends. They have all been trying to do the same job. They have all been trying to help you. If you are like me, the message you are giving them is confused. Part of you wants to change and part of you is scared to do so. Give them now a new direction. Let each one play a part in helping you achieve a new goal.
Whether in our personal lives, our marriages, our families, our friendships, our businesses, our finances, our corporations, our government, our spirituality. Everything from this place becomes attainable if we put out enough energy to find a way to make it happen.
Can you imagine being stuck now?
Please share your thoughts . . . .


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in these one minute moments, i share with you my reflections, raw and unedited.  often, i  still need a shave and a brush of my hair.  i record purposely from a place of vulnerability.  the whole idea is to share not my perfection, but my imperfection.  it is my hope that in seeing me, you will say to yourself, i can do that too.  so often we wait to do something until the moment is perfect.  i have found perfect moments, they do exist.  but, to my joy, these perfect moments are only the present moment in which we live.

i encourage you today to do something imperfectly and share it with the world.  love imperfectly, work imperfectly, take risks and feel beautiful in your vulnerability.  and maybe, just maybe, you will  inspire another to be themselves, authentic and real, and beautifully imperfect.  we are amazing jus the way we are.  in fact, we are perfect!

here is the link to my one minute moments on you’ve.  enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂