I heard a story about a bus in India driving along a road that was destroyed during the war. The driver trying his best to make the ride as smooth as possible was zig zagging to avoid big potholes. He was doing well until, he zigged instead of zagged and went right into the center of a big pothole. Try as he might, he could not get out.

So, he asked everyone on the bus to get off and push. One, two, three minutes later, the bus had moved back and forth, but was still caught in the hole. The driver got off the bus to see what was happening. When he did, he started laughing . . . .

Much to his surprise, half of the people were pushing from the front, while the other half were pushing from the back. No wonder, the bus was still stuck.  To me, this story was unbelievable. How could people do that? Didn’t they see what they were doing? It was funny in a sad sort of way. How could people be so unaware? It was crazy to me, until . . . . . .
I see numerous situations in my life where I make a decision to do something and one part of me blocks that decision. The latest incident was last night. I had been on a liquid diet for 3 days, doing a cleanse of sorts when ana got off work early, so I met her for a glass of wine. One glass became 3 and she suggested I have some almonds, I thought no, I won’t do that, until I found my hand reaching over to takes some. On the walk home, I stopped to see a friend of mine and she was having an open house, and she handed me a glass of wine and a plate of crackers and cheese. What do you think I did? I ate it. I had broken my “liquid diet” already and so the door was open to have more. I woke up this morning, feeling sick to my stomach, as my body said to me, “What are you doing?”
Are you like me at all? Have you ever decided to do something and then only give it half of your energy? If so, you and I are just like that bus in India.  CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW LIFE WOULD BE, if you put all of our energy in one direction? Can you see what would be possible?
In the work I do, whether it is with individuals, families, businesses or corporations, I find this bus story exists in almost every case. Is it any wonder people are stuck where they are? Take a look at your life, and see if there is one area where you feel stuck. Go to that place, sit with it. Sit in it. Watch the tendency to run away from it, but instead of running, be with it. Look at the energies you bring that are wanting to push forward, to accomplish the task in front of you. Introduce yourself to these people (within yourself). And then walk to the other side of the bus, and sit with those who want to stop you from going forward. Talk with them, meet them, understand them. How are they trying to help you? What job have you given them to do that they are doing in service of you, to help you.
Thank them. Both sides of the bus. Bring them all together now. Introduce them to each other and let them become friends. They have all been trying to do the same job. They have all been trying to help you. If you are like me, the message you are giving them is confused. Part of you wants to change and part of you is scared to do so. Give them now a new direction. Let each one play a part in helping you achieve a new goal.
Whether in our personal lives, our marriages, our families, our friendships, our businesses, our finances, our corporations, our government, our spirituality. Everything from this place becomes attainable if we put out enough energy to find a way to make it happen.
Can you imagine being stuck now?
Please share your thoughts . . . .