in these one minute moments, i share with you my reflections, raw and unedited.  often, i  still need a shave and a brush of my hair.  i record purposely from a place of vulnerability.  the whole idea is to share not my perfection, but my imperfection.  it is my hope that in seeing me, you will say to yourself, i can do that too.  so often we wait to do something until the moment is perfect.  i have found perfect moments, they do exist.  but, to my joy, these perfect moments are only the present moment in which we live.

i encourage you today to do something imperfectly and share it with the world.  love imperfectly, work imperfectly, take risks and feel beautiful in your vulnerability.  and maybe, just maybe, you will  inspire another to be themselves, authentic and real, and beautifully imperfect.  we are amazing jus the way we are.  in fact, we are perfect!

here is the link to my one minute moments on you’ve.  enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂