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there are people that just know
a $5 psychic one a street corner
told him she was coming

he asked her how he would know
read The Mosaic to hear the answer
of the one who knew.

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last night, as i sat in the silence
i asked The Mosaic
what is one thing you would like me to share about you.
it replied, “be”
when i asked. “be what?”
it erupted
words poured out faster than i could write
and even now as i write this post
more words flow,
“be fun
be present
be come
be now . . .”
and so many more.
after almost 5 years
from the moment i first sat to write this book to now
The Mosaic continues to open up parts of me
that have been closed for a very long time.
The Mosaic is way more than a book
and yet the experience all starts
with reading or listening to this simple little story.
what does The Mosaic want to say to you?
to purchase The Mosaic in book, kindle or audio:
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i can’t wait to hear how you experience it
how a $12 investment initiates change in your life.
this is what Tara from the UK wrote:
“This beautifully written book left me literally speechless!
As I went on an emotional journey
with the characters that I have never experienced before ever,
with any other book.
I rarely write reviews,
but the connection with this book, will stay with me forever more.
This is a life changing book for me
and I cannot explain how it just connects with you,
and you will see life in such a different way.
A positive, compassionate and rewarding way,
that you know is right
and the journey through the book will speak to you.
This is a must read and I can not recommend it highly enough!!”

THE ADVENTURES OF SELF with Taylor Roark feat. Daniel Levin

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SUPER excited about this podcast episode! Firstly, NEW branding (cha-ching) and a whole lot of new features coming…

Danny is the author and visionary of the book ‘The Mosaic’, about the ways in which humanity and society connect through energy, and how the world can come together in beautiful ways if we truly listen to each other.

Danny Levin walked away from an opportunity to run a billion dollar business, to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. He studied in a seminary for five years and left one day before becoming a Rabbi. He lived as a Monk in a monastery for 10 years. As Director of Business Development at Hay House Publishing, he helped grow the company from $3 million to $100 million in annual sales revenue.

He is a rare blend of businessman and mystic who sees what others do not see. It has been this one quality more than any other that has thrown Danny into some of the most exclusive boardrooms to help companies innovate new ways of finding solutions when the old ways stop working.


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The Successfully Chaotic Podcast with Maria Daniels Feat. Daniel Levin

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i loved this podcast and the interview . please have listen and if you like it please share it with your friends.
big LOVE
S3E4: Listening Can Change the Way You See
‎Successfully Chaotic: S3 E4 Listening Can Change the Way You See on Apple Podcasts
‎Successfully Chaotic: S3 E4 Listening Can Change the Way You See on Apple Podcasts
S3E4: Listening Can Change the Way You See
Some have you may have caught the “behind the scenes” chat on YouTube and Facebook with Daniel Bruce Levin, Author of The Mosaic.
He is one of the most inspiring people I have ever spoken with to date. This is a must listen.


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Martin Luther King, Jr.,
born January 15, 1929
is universally known as a non-violent beacon of light
in the American civil rights movement in the 1960s
whose life was taken prematurely by the bullet of a sniper
as he stood on the balcony of his hotel room in Tennessee in 1968
In his most famous speech,
“I Have a Dream”, delivered in 1963,
he spoke of his dream of a United States
that is void of segregation and racism.
King gave his last sermon the day befor ehe was shot, saying, “We’ve got some difficult days ahead.
But it really doesn’t matter with me now,
because I’ve been to the mountaintop …
And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain.
And I’ve looked over, and I’ve seen the Promised Land.
I may not get there with you.
But I want you to know tonight that we, as a people,
will get to the promised land.”
his words are as true now as they were 50+ years ago
and as we celebrate him today
let us not forget the life that he lived
let us not forget
we too have been allowed to go up the mountaintop
and we hold dear to us the vision
that one day, all people no matter race, religion, border or sex
will be treated with honor and dignity and respect
we are one race, the human race
and we all deserve to be treated equally
we are all connected.
we are better together
we are the mosaic.

The Chit Chat Show with Ian Renaud Feat. Daniel Levin

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This  was one of those interviews where the interviewer simply holds the space for his guest, me 🙂   to share from a deep place. I could feel the love pouring out of me and Ian, who is someone I had never spoken to before, shared often how much he could feel it and experienced it. It was truly a beautiful interview.

I invite you to have a listen. Please let me know what you feel. Experience it on YouTube:

or on apple podcast:

i hope you enjoy it and benefit from it.



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it is time
to see each other differently.
for too long we have lived in silos of
political affiliation
economic status
color of our skin
religious affiliation
it is time to see beneath
all of these superficial differences
and come together as one.
how much pain do we need to experience
until we realize
this way of thinking is harmful
i sit this morning in prayer
for all people
that we end this smallness of heart
and that we listen to each other
and hear what is causing each other’s pain
and that we work together
to alleviate each other’s pain and suffering
together we are
more powerful
together we make better decisions
together we can overcome anything.
when people feel
love and accepted
listened to and heard
and acknowledged and validated
miracles happen.
today as i sit, i pray for a miracle
and i wonder
how can we create something together
that will end corruption
that will change separation into unity
that will melt hatred with love
that will listen to each other rather than fight.
wherever this is coming from
we need to create a revolution of the people
all of us together
that says “enough is enough”
we are in the midst of a big transition
not a political one
but one where corruption and hatred
is being seen and called out
not by one party or another
but in both parties
in business, in religion,
it isn’t pleasant
but it must happen
we are being called to usher in a new reality
and we are being asked to do this together.


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little did i realize when i wrote this one year ago
all that was in store for me/us
when we were to let it all happen.
WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!
and . . . .
looking back on it now
knowing that my/your resistance to it
didn’t change anything
it only brought fear and tension and denial . . .
can we try again this year?
let’s just let life happen
who knows there might just be a greater intelligence
that knows what it is doing
and will navigate us through
“the valley of the shadow of death”
and allow us to fear no evil.
your thoughts????????

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as you may or may not know,
i have spent a lot of years being a caretaker to those i love/d
and whereas on one hand, i would never change one moment;
on the other hand i would change every moment if i could.
i want you to know i understand
the love it takes,
the commitment you make,
the seemingly endless duration of not knowing
what the future brings
and the desire to live each moment,
good, bad, beautiful or ugly for what it is,
knowing these moments are fleeting
that they will one day pass
and there will be no more moments.
i know how special that is
and how hard it is to maintain and sustain.
i know how many times i acted from my fear rather than my love
and i know how natural it is to blame ourselves
for not being able to be more.
i know there were times
when i just wished someone would be there to caretake me.
i got tired and run down
and i felt so alone
because no one could understand what i was going through.
i want you to know,
if you ever want someone to be there for you
not to fix you but just to listen to you,
i am a phone call away.
in the meantime,
i will sit here in the silence of my own space and send you
more love than you could ever dream possible.
blessings and love to all who take care of others.
you make all of us better.