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Martin Luther King, Jr.,
born January 15, 1929
is universally known as a non-violent beacon of light
in the American civil rights movement in the 1960s
whose life was taken prematurely by the bullet of a sniper
as he stood on the balcony of his hotel room in Tennessee in 1968
In his most famous speech,
“I Have a Dream”, delivered in 1963,
he spoke of his dream of a United States
that is void of segregation and racism.
King gave his last sermon the day befor ehe was shot, saying, “We’ve got some difficult days ahead.
But it really doesn’t matter with me now,
because I’ve been to the mountaintop …
And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain.
And I’ve looked over, and I’ve seen the Promised Land.
I may not get there with you.
But I want you to know tonight that we, as a people,
will get to the promised land.”
his words are as true now as they were 50+ years ago
and as we celebrate him today
let us not forget the life that he lived
let us not forget
we too have been allowed to go up the mountaintop
and we hold dear to us the vision
that one day, all people no matter race, religion, border or sex
will be treated with honor and dignity and respect
we are one race, the human race
and we all deserve to be treated equally
we are all connected.
we are better together
we are the mosaic.

The Chit Chat Show with Ian Renaud Feat. Daniel Levin

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This  was one of those interviews where the interviewer simply holds the space for his guest, me 🙂   to share from a deep place. I could feel the love pouring out of me and Ian, who is someone I had never spoken to before, shared often how much he could feel it and experienced it. It was truly a beautiful interview.

I invite you to have a listen. Please let me know what you feel. Experience it on YouTube:

or on apple podcast:

i hope you enjoy it and benefit from it.



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it is time
to see each other differently.
for too long we have lived in silos of
political affiliation
economic status
color of our skin
religious affiliation
it is time to see beneath
all of these superficial differences
and come together as one.
how much pain do we need to experience
until we realize
this way of thinking is harmful
i sit this morning in prayer
for all people
that we end this smallness of heart
and that we listen to each other
and hear what is causing each other’s pain
and that we work together
to alleviate each other’s pain and suffering
together we are
more powerful
together we make better decisions
together we can overcome anything.
when people feel
love and accepted
listened to and heard
and acknowledged and validated
miracles happen.
today as i sit, i pray for a miracle
and i wonder
how can we create something together
that will end corruption
that will change separation into unity
that will melt hatred with love
that will listen to each other rather than fight.
wherever this is coming from
we need to create a revolution of the people
all of us together
that says “enough is enough”
we are in the midst of a big transition
not a political one
but one where corruption and hatred
is being seen and called out
not by one party or another
but in both parties
in business, in religion,
it isn’t pleasant
but it must happen
we are being called to usher in a new reality
and we are being asked to do this together.


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little did i realize when i wrote this one year ago
all that was in store for me/us
when we were to let it all happen.
WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!
and . . . .
looking back on it now
knowing that my/your resistance to it
didn’t change anything
it only brought fear and tension and denial . . .
can we try again this year?
let’s just let life happen
who knows there might just be a greater intelligence
that knows what it is doing
and will navigate us through
“the valley of the shadow of death”
and allow us to fear no evil.
your thoughts????????

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as you may or may not know,
i have spent a lot of years being a caretaker to those i love/d
and whereas on one hand, i would never change one moment;
on the other hand i would change every moment if i could.
i want you to know i understand
the love it takes,
the commitment you make,
the seemingly endless duration of not knowing
what the future brings
and the desire to live each moment,
good, bad, beautiful or ugly for what it is,
knowing these moments are fleeting
that they will one day pass
and there will be no more moments.
i know how special that is
and how hard it is to maintain and sustain.
i know how many times i acted from my fear rather than my love
and i know how natural it is to blame ourselves
for not being able to be more.
i know there were times
when i just wished someone would be there to caretake me.
i got tired and run down
and i felt so alone
because no one could understand what i was going through.
i want you to know,
if you ever want someone to be there for you
not to fix you but just to listen to you,
i am a phone call away.
in the meantime,
i will sit here in the silence of my own space and send you
more love than you could ever dream possible.
blessings and love to all who take care of others.
you make all of us better.

Will You Meet Me There?

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sitting in the early morning
before the world awakes
a quarter moon in the sky
waves crashing on the shore
i feel source so powerfully
and wonder at the marvel and majesty
of this beautiful world we live in
where the crashing waves touch the shore. where the horizon is touched by the sky. where the darkness of early morning is lit up by the moon, there is where i meet you and feel touched by your heart amd soul.
i feel touched by all of creation in the beautiful simplicity of where one meets another. will you meet me there?


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many years ago,
the rebbe pulled me aside
and told me he wanted me to understand
the difference between being honest and being truthful.
i was perplexed.
he continued saying
“always be honest but not always truthful”
i was perplexed and so he explained the following situation.
if a man were to come home and tell his wife
i thought about you almost every moment of the day
except for about 15 seconds when this beautiful woman walked by.
this would be truthful but not honest.
what do you think his wife would hear.
would she would remember
that for 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 45 seconds
that he thought of her.
or would she only hear the 15 seconds
that he looked at someone else.
the truth did not allow the honesty to be seen.
honesty would be to come home and say,
“baby, i love you so much,
i thought about you almost every minute of the day today.”
perhaps it is because i do it so much in my life
that i see it so much in others.
why do we spend our time being truthful
but not being honest
thinking only of the 15 seconds?
i used to judge a whole religion, because of a few.
i look in the mirror and see my flaws rather than my strengths
i remember the moments i made a mistake,
rather than the life that i have lived gloriously.
do you do this too?
here is my promise to myself
and because we are all connected in the beautiful mosaic of life
to you as well.
i will choose to be honest with myself more that truthful
i will allow all of the moments to make up my present
i will see the totality of the mosaic
rather than get lost in the individual broken pieces.
let’s remember our world is amazingly beautiful
and the vast, vast, vast majority of the people living here
are kind and loving and want to live in peace.
even those who are caught in a belief of the moment
where they feel destruction is the only way to speak their truth
may we pray from our own experience
that together we see honestly
not only the 15 seconds
but the 23 hours, 59 minutes, 45 seconds
that make up who we are on a day to day basis.
to me, this is the miracle of the holiday of hanukkah,
the celebration of the birth of jesus at christmas
the principles and symbols of kwanza
the glory of the festivals of lights
we are one mosaic,
one exquisite piece of art
made up of all of our moments
what will we focus on,
the necessary parts on the mosaic that are filled with darkness
or the totality of the mosaic that makes us light.
i know which one i choose. how about you?

One Photo of a Moment in Time

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maybe it is chanukah ?
but lately i have been feeling these day a lot
the 2 rabbi’s that changed my life
being completely downloaded
refunding a non refundable airline ticket
the blessing of learning to see
the punch in the heart
giving away 1/4 of a million dollars and the holes in the soles of my shoes
being taught to be the man when no one else was
the letter i received out of nowhere
window pane
the oasis in the desert
the mountain tops that became saints
miracles after miracles happening
so many stories
and only one small chapter in a life lived
and one photo is a moment in time
one piece of a mosaic of a life
sacred, holy, blessed and beautiful


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see differently
when we see the world differently
the world we see becomes different.
are you willing to look at your life
your relationship,
your business
look how coved has
made us
all innovate?
where do you go from here?
are you able to listen and hear
love and accept
acknowledge and validate
the people and the world around you?

innovation and change
creativity and genius
do not exist in status quo.
we cannot change if we do not change.
recently a company brought me in to interview me.
they wanted to see if i could help them
they had been trying for many years to raise money
to create something that would go down in history as visionary
but they were unable to raise the money
and so the project for years and years remained undone.
sitting with them
i felt instantly why they had not raised the money
the story they were telling was not connecting to people
and i created a proposal for them
that eliminated their main objection,
“we have had a lot of people come in here and take our money
and not provide results.”
this was the excuse they were hiding behind
so i told them,
i would do the work and get paid
only when the work i did
brought in for them the money they sought.
it turned out,
they were scared to take the risk
and once i had resolved the problem they were hiding behind
they found another problem.
this is what we do when we are scared to play big.
i do it too sometimes.
the new excuse was
that had i come in, in a suit and tie and sat with them
they would have probably gone with my offer
but my look was too unconventional.
i shared with them,
the suits and ties had brought them to this place of frustration
what they saw as my disadvantage
was in fact my greatest advantage.
i am different.
i look different. think different.
and do business different.
i draw with a different box of crayons.
i am the one
people come to
when they want something different than what they have.
if they are happy with the status quo,
they do not need me.
i am not for everyone
nor do i want to be.
i am for those who want to stand out
for the innovators,
who want to create something different than everyone else.
and so we said goodbye amicably.
interestingly enough, to this day,
they have still not raised the money they need
and the project remains in pretty pictures,
but not in reality
i cannot disrupt a culture
by fitting in the box that creates the problem
i must stand out.
outside of that box.
innovation does not come by being the same
it comes from the practical creatives.
do you have the courage to be different,
not for the sake of rebellion
but for the celebration of originality.
to me, this is what we all yearn for
in our lives, our businesses, our communities
the creative unique expression to be who we truly are.
this is my joy
to live this way
and help others discover what makes them stand out.
how about you?
does this resonate with you?