it is time
to see each other differently.
for too long we have lived in silos of
political affiliation
economic status
color of our skin
religious affiliation
it is time to see beneath
all of these superficial differences
and come together as one.
how much pain do we need to experience
until we realize
this way of thinking is harmful
i sit this morning in prayer
for all people
that we end this smallness of heart
and that we listen to each other
and hear what is causing each other’s pain
and that we work together
to alleviate each other’s pain and suffering
together we are
more powerful
together we make better decisions
together we can overcome anything.
when people feel
love and accepted
listened to and heard
and acknowledged and validated
miracles happen.
today as i sit, i pray for a miracle
and i wonder
how can we create something together
that will end corruption
that will change separation into unity
that will melt hatred with love
that will listen to each other rather than fight.
wherever this is coming from
we need to create a revolution of the people
all of us together
that says “enough is enough”
we are in the midst of a big transition
not a political one
but one where corruption and hatred
is being seen and called out
not by one party or another
but in both parties
in business, in religion,
it isn’t pleasant
but it must happen
we are being called to usher in a new reality
and we are being asked to do this together.