i wonder why……….

Am i alone in noticing what i notice?
we KNOW what we need to do
for businesses, for relationships, for self care
and yet
we don’t do it.
that’s not fair to say,
we do it for a while and then we stop doing it.

we know the right words to say,
how to present to others the right appearance,
and yet,
why do we feel so unfulfilled,
so alone,
so scared to be who we really are.
in business, in life, in love?

underneath all our stories, what is real?
do we do the things we need to do to be successful?
what do we do when our words say one thing
and our actions tell us another?
do we ask the right questions?
do we try to do it alone or ask for help?

i know this feeling well.
i am the same as you and yet, i feel different.
i get it. we feel others do not understand us,
our unique challenges.
and i know the separation that this feeling causes.
why ask for help from people who cannot understand us.

the beauty of a lie, is that it is based on a kernel of truth.
it is true, we are different.
but what we tell ourselves is a lie.
people do not need to understand us,
to help us understand ourselves.
they just have to ask the right questions.

what we tell ourselves is a story. a protection.
we are scared to be seen,
to love ourselves,
to acknowledge our power.
when will we be vulnerable
enough to be strong?

the oft quoted, rarely practiced . . .
if not now, when?

this post is for all of us that suffer from
the dis-ease of giving so much
that we do not allow ourselves to receive.
strong people ask for help.

why do we think we have to do it on our own?
why do we make excuses
that we can not afford it,
or we do not know where to find the right clients,
or that we just need a few months ?
or, or, or . . . .

when will it be our time
to sit at the table
and enjoy
the beautiful meal we prepare so exquisitely for others?
are you ready?

if not now, when?