WHAT IF . . . . .
the way you show up in life could be improved?
what would that do to your business?
to your relationship?
to the way you take care of yourself
and the others that count on you?

i am asking myself these questions more and more
and finding that the hiding places i have hidden in
and so well protected
by the fears that i have created
that it is really hard on my own to get through
to see the possibilities that would exist
if only i would allow myself the opportunity to consider
what if i was more than i thought i am?
what if i could show up more fully,
live more authentically, love more deeply.

i know the fear,
believe me, i know the fear
and yet, how much longer can i/we live governed by that.

what would happen if right now
right this very moment,
we, you and me, individually and together
were to look in the mirror
and really see who we are,
not the limited bruised and battered version we see,
nor the self inflated insecure version we create to hide behind
but the real me/you.

can i/you feel how supremely powerful i/you are???
stand in that power
for even just a moment
or for as long as you now choose to.
WHO you and i are,
is so much more than we think

are you ready to unveil your magnificence?
to live in the glory of who you are
and to finally show up and show yourself and this world
why you were created?

i am.
write i am below if you are ready.

either way, know your path is blessed
and you are magnificent.