Are you like me, do you tend to see life in broad strokes? Do you think what is happening in your life now, will always be? I have seen, in my few years of life, that the only constant in life is change. I know this. I know in my mind, what is now, will NOT be what is tomorrow. But knowing it in my head and living it in my day to day life is different. This “head-ucation” all sounds good, but until it is constantly applied, means nothing.

King Soloman used to wear a ring on his finger. It had 3 hebrew letters on it, that meant, “This too will pass.” He looked at it when situations in his life were good or bad, to remind him that life is ephemeral. Life changes.

The way we look at these changes in our life, colors everything? For instance, are you facing something right now in your life? Does it represent for you, a sunrise or a sunset? Do you see it as a beginning to a whole new life or is it an end to something you do not want to end, that makes you suffer? Does it inspire you or tire you? Whatever you are facing in this moment, good or bad, remember it will pass.

Tony Robbins has a great saying, “What if life was happening FOR you, rather than TO you?” I love this. One word changes the whole meaning. How could this simple change of thought change the way you see your life. When I remember that life is happening FOR me, it helps me. I look for the gift it is giving rather than feeling that I am a victim.

May our sunsets, be sunrises and may the clouds that hide the sun part, so that we can shine in the light.