Flipping the Script- Conversations with Strangers feat. Jessa Grace interviewing Daniel Levin
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this is a first. Jessa was on my Conversations with Strangers show and we have felt each other and built a relationship from that show that isbn the earliest stage but feels really unique. with that being said, she asked me if she could flip the script on me and be the one that asks me the questions. of course i said, of course.
so this is a fun conversation where she asks things about me she wants to know and i answer the questions. what makes this show particularly interesting is that i am in such a new place, one which i think was awakened by our first conversation together.
i have opened myself up for people to come and feel the energy, not in a guru-esque way, but as a friend wanting to make everything i have available to anyone who wants it. it is not mine, bt rather the divine flowing through me and the emptier i become, the more i get filled up.
there is something so new happening through me right now and to be able to speak it out with Jessa who helped initiate it is special
we spoke about:
the sensuality of creativity
what happens when the 2nd chakra opens
sexuality and creativity
being used and being completely invisible
loving everybody
how odd it is for me to publicly speak about intimacy
and intimacy happening at a distance with strangers
living as a monk
living in the space of no time and space
and a whole lot more
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