Conversations with Strangers feat. Sohee Jun

being an empath, sometimes, i feel people before i ever meet them. and when the person i feel is also an empath, it is almost impossible not to feel them. this is what happened with Sohee Jun. A stranger who appeared on my show had me on his podcast and then he had Sohee on his podcast too and he wrote both of us saying, i think you should meet each other. so when i invited her on Conversations With Strangers and she accepted i was happy. i have no idea how things like this happen, but without seeing her, talking to her, checking her out on social media, i started to feel her.

normally i don’t like to make contact with people before they come not the room, but i felt like i already had made contact because of how strongly i felt her and so i reached out to her and friended her on facebook. but that was really all that happened. a couple of messages about timing for the show and finding a good time to record. but that was it. and yet, when she came into the zoom room, i felt like had already known her, missing of course all of the details.

when i asked her, what was the 1 thing she would say to the world if she knew it was listening, here is what she told me: “Your great contribution in this world is your authentic presence and ability to make people feel heard, seen and valued.” those words could have come word by word from my mouth as well.

clearly we were connected. i think you will want to listen to this conversation. it was real, intimate, deep and vulnerable. i loved it and hope you will too . . .

here is what we spoke about:

  • the honor we both felt in being here in this room together
  • being the mother of 3 amazing children and working with high achieving individuals in business and corporations
  • the differing day to day reality to the answer of the question how are you doing
  • being a resilient woman and feeling tired and weary
  • what is it about this situation that is making her tired
  • where do we get connection in a time of forced isolation
  • the social media life shot vs the life shot of day to day life
  • the feeling of having to be a superwoman to handle all of the things in front of her
  • the silo of like minded people and thoughts and the need for innovation
  • what is the perfect 20:20 vision of the world of the year 2020
  • the desire to escape pain and the challenge of coved and the absence of the buffers we normally use to escape the pain we experience
  • what if it wasn’t as hard as we thought it was?
  • the story of elisa, my developmentally delayed daughter
  • what are the situations of life trying to say to her . . .
  • its ok, you don’t have to do more
  • being easier on yourself
  • how is it possible that someone i never met could feel exactly what i feel
  • the cardboard version of ourselves and vulnerability and going deep
  • the innovation workshop story and what it would take to change what we are doing on a dime
  • the re-starting of people and the reframing of concepts
  • how important it is to have meaningful community.
  • the ability to feel the energy of others and the feeling in the head that prevents that
  • returning to the basics of breathing, meditation and journaling and focusing on others rather than being stuck ourselves.
  • helping others and helping ourselves who do we we focus on
  • failure and what if it wasn’t possible to fail?
  • and a whole lot more . . .

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