Conversations with Strangers feat. Josh Gryniewicz

you know you are in for something when 2 storytellers get together for a conversation. i knew nothing about Josh except that someone i met on a podcast recommended that we speak together, so instead of doing that in private, we had the conversation and filmed it for this series. it is so interesting to talk about the power of storytelling both in its ability to change perspectives and in its ability to lock us into realities that are not real but just stories we tell ourselves over and over again until they appear real. as we sit together some of each of those stories emerge. i think you will love listening to this conversation . . .

here is what we spoke about:

  • who Josh is.
  • storytelling for social change
  • growing up with parents who are artists and storytellers
  • family trips of trying to find Big Foot
  • the science of storytelling and what it revealed
  • the difference between the storytelling i use and simply telling a story
  • the biggest surprise he has had, finding his perfect job, creating an amazing presentation and then not getting the job.
  • watching the story that has been told in his life repeat itself but only this time the players of the story changed sides.
  • the work he did with many different public health organisations
  • the change of perspective and the shift from what he does to who he is and you can feel his whole energy change
  • how interesting it was to me that a storyteller could wrap his conversation in his story allowing him to escape the telling of his own story and how difficult it is to get to the story and the stories that come up that seem like his story but really aren’t
  • explaining the ADD mind and how it works
  • the introduction of the idea that “Nothing is as it Seems” and its ability to change the narrative of the story we are telling ourselves.
  • the old hag and the socialite and his diagnosis of ADD
  • getting nervous and feeling pushed and liking it
  • the story of the mirror maker
  • what scares him about telling the stories of others
  • the power of story to distort story
  • finding the courage to fall in love with his own story
  • and a whole lot more . . .

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This is the publication that he mentioned ( It is mostly for epidemiologists and data wonks, so a little inside baseball, but a week after he published the Digital Edition, he attended the Society for Professional Journalists Conference and they listed 4 of the stories he covered as underrepresented for 2020 (so if he could scoop the New York Times, he’s got to be doing something, right 😜).

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