Conversations with Strangers with Sukun Chopra
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I felt her before I met her. It happened the moment she signed up to be on the Conversations with Strangers show. i can’t explain it, i just felt a resonance with her. and then in the text messages we shared to set up logistics, i felt it even stronger. here was a person, completely different from me (she is Indian and i am American, her skin is brown and mine is white, she is an attractive young woman and i am an older man) 2 people who outwardly shared nothing in common yet who believed so similarly to each other that it didn’t make sense; illustrating more than ever how important it is for strangers to meet each other and have conversations together.
this did not follow the standard format. Sukun is a listener too and she wanted to know about me as i wanted to know about her. and in the conversation, i could feel, as i am sure you will too, my words touching something inside her. that is how pure and sweet her heart is.
listen to our conversation around head and heart, and if you listen carefully, a lot of the questions i normally ask were answered without even being asked.
this is a must listen to conversation if you are in that all too common space between thinking and feeling. i know you will enjoy being part of this conversation, but please let me know what if anything, it brings up in you.
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