Conversations with Strangers feat. Reid Messerschmidt
i can’t believe i nailed it and said his last name correctly. i love that right off the bat we find something in common; we both like to do the same things, speaking to strangers and how do you not like a guy who says you have a great energy. i like his background and the sound of his voice lets you know he is comfortable in front of a microphone. he lives in Fargo, is married and has 2 kids and you can feel how much he loves his kids.
we speak about:
evolving love
the difference of love of kids and love of spouse
growing up in the 70’s and how wholesome it was and what Reid does to create that environment in his home
growing up with parents who did not like each other and were not good roles models for the person he wanted to be
a human being relationship with our kids
the happiest time of day
squeezing the life out of life
sobriety and addiction
the process of going sober and who gave him the courage to go sober
the strength to change everything
the key to staying sober
the writer archetype and the truth about the artist
could he have done better and how what he did made him who he is today
being an introverted extroverted person
talk or listen and what changed
the surprise that comes in collaboration with people who are different
trying so hard to fit into the world
the only continuous line we have in life
is what we see real or old
a snapshot of a life that is not like we are
the desire to be admired
the picture and the mirror
the mirror maker from The Mosaic
who would you be without your stories?
are there stories you have told yourself for years that just were never true but you told it to yourself so many time you actually believed it
soho, the home run and the story my dad dying
what if this is the last time you will be able to do what you are doing now?
and a whole lot more
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