Conversations with Strangers feat. Neelum Tewar
Neelum’s eventful life has taken her from schooling to living in different parts of the world for work and other personal pursuits, which she’d like to believe has given her friends all over the globe, the gift of tolerance, and kept the wanderlust-er in her well nourished.
after over a decade in corporate America working for international pharmaceutical & FMCG brands on digital strategy, media, and advertising, she felt she wasn’t living up to my most sincere potential to help contribute and elevate humanity in a way only she could.
so far it has been a fulfilling ride and taken her to stages across the world, with two TEDx invitations, writing her first book of poetry, and working with soulful men and smart women who want to earnestly create more impact and build their Empire of Good in the world. Yes, every now and then she pinches herself, and often, her work humbles her in ways she never thought was ever possible.
Neelum’ is not a compete stranger. i know her somehow, but i am not even sure how know her. and there is an energy about her that makes being with her comfortable. so from the first moment she came into the zoom room, actually before that, from the first moment we “met” i liked her. i like the way she thinks and the way she does the work that she does. her whole being feels comfortable to me, like a warm cashmere coat on a blistering cold day.
listen in as we speak about:
slowing down to speed up
making space for yourself in the day
creating pockets of space and knowing where you are going alignment
asking, receiving, and asking better
three words she uses to guide her way that she has never shared before
law of attraction, the story of heaven and how you ask the right questions
peeling back layer upon layer to get the thing you really want
the flashback of your life and the revelation it shows
the thankfulness of freedom
giving a name to what you are going through
is the destination you are going to the one you really are seeking be the lighthouse and just showing up
be the unedited version of yourself
never let your stories keep people from finding you
what is the light you want people to see in the light you shine
and a whole lot more . . .
listen to this podcast and hear how this beautiful discussion evolves.
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