Conversations with Strangers feat. Leandra Haupt
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Leandra was not a complete stranger. she was kind enough to have me on her podcast and we enjoyed each other so much, i wanted to have her on Conversations because i wanted to know more about her. what interested me most is what came up in our conversation right from the start.
when i asked her who she is, she spoke of the different layers of who she is, and then spoke about how she loves this human body that her soul inhabits, which was really interesting for me for i have spent a lot of my life with no consideration for mine.
she is an expert on nutrition who came from a big struggle she had in her life that led her to this discover. in her very grounded presentation, hear how connected she is to the work she does.
we spoke about:
happiness as a mindset and where it center is
being in alignment with ourselves
making ourselves free from negativity
allowing ourselves to make mistakes
the difference of 2 families
overweight to anorexia
listening to the body and what it is telling us from the foods we crave
nutrition and eating comfort food
and so much more
please have a listen.
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