Conversations with Strangers feat. Kathleen Hamilton
in all transparency, i know Kathleen a little bit because i was a guest on her podcast, The Ikigaia Podcast. we were supposed to meet as strangers before that, but Kathleen had to postpose her conversation with me, so we are not complete strangers here now, but i know only a little about her.
She was a digital nomad, working as she traveled the world for GeniusU and now she has settled into a home in Lisbon, Portugal. she cares about the future and the present and the people that are able toile a life that gives them fulfilment. listen in to hear what she believes and what she wants to do,
we speak about:
the things that are important to her
about people that care about things and what she sees
how liberating and painful caring can be
the zoom out and the zoom in of looking at life
the beauty of seeing the same thing differently
feeling the zest she has to be able to be happy
what is it about us that makes what we believe hard to say
identity politics
listen to the clarity of how she thinks trough things
growing up in Bali and the stories that are created in that
what other people think about us and why that is important to us
does age dictate why others people opinion mater or stop mattering?
hear what she answers to the question, if money weren’t important to you what would you do?
is there an in to fit into? and why do people who don’t ft into the world try so hard to make other fit in.
an interesting discussion on fitting in and not fitting in
cancel culture and the safety of our beliefs and creating safe spaces
is who we are a fixed thing and do people know who they are
and a whole lot more . . .
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If she knew the world was listening, she would tell them –
“there is so much magic to being alive, and your only obligation is to play in that magic, tell your own story, and help others however you can”.
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