Conversations with Strangers feat. Joawe Yang
from the first moment she came into the zoom room, actually before that, front eh first moment we messaged each other to set up this conversation, i knew i was going to enjoy this call.
there is something about the college mind that is so refreshing. it reminds me of my days in college years ago, sitting in a cafe, smoking, er “cigarettes (not really)” and philosopising late into the night. how beautiful that mind is, inquisitive, curious, brilliant and fresh.
I love her common conversational terminology, listen to the terms she uses: “the serendipity engineering process”, “digital virtual sanctuary where people are having conscious conversation to create and show through conscious listening how the world could be a better place”. when was the last time you spun a phrase like that.
i also loved how she she intuitively understood The Mosaic without us ever speaking to each other. i found this amazing, that the idea of The Mosaic translates so easily cross generationally. feel how she feels things that are happening without experiencing them physically but so much so that her emotion change over time.
we speak about:
the deep connection she feel to the world because we are all connected
feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and anxious
the clarity of her mind and the sensitivity of her heart
the intuitive mind vs the rational mind
where she learned all the she learned
4 years of depression, deep rest, and reconnection to who she is the meeting of people and unconditional love and support
paying attention to the underlying state of mind behind mind being you
the happiness of connection time,
energy and love
what is reality and can reality change with a new way of experiencing life
and a whole lot more . . .
listen to this podcast and hear how our discussion evolves.
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